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Usechain, this is a self-confident id Blockchain, which seeks to improve the situation in modern society. In addition, the technological innovation of Mirror Identity solves the problem of privacy and technological overall performance. Usechain Blockchain innovative solutions represent a completely new consensus mechanism, Randomized work proofs to fully balance high performance and reliable protection, and apply multi-level authentication and encryption mechanism, zero proof, virtual machine identification (ID), network segmentation (ins), transaction identification segmentation (it), an expanded smart contract, and other innovative technologies to create a new generation of Blockchain, Blockchain leading 3.0.

Usechain is a Singaporean firm that strives to replace the very famous blockchain circuits of BTC and ETH. Use chain includes many impressive ecosystems that are randomized proof that the work is a multi-system, linking with federal IDs GOVTs and social media, based mainly on creating a credit rating, securitization, lending, a plan that has a lot of serious, regular application for life can be well designed. The purpose of Opportunity includes IOT, Finance, Social Community, supply chain and Internet games.

Usechain is built on a mirror identification protocol, combined with high-level innovations in structure design and technology, to eliminate delays in the development of the blockchain and to provide the perfect balance between scale, security and decentralization. Usechain, as the ecosystem is growing rapidly and in the future will contain thousands of applications based on credit and identification.

Each person and each individual company will have a real account. Then we move these assets through smart agreements to develop more trust. According to the mapping confirmation, this will allow using the chain to complete the vital needs of KYC conventional financial institutions, shifting the emphasis on who you are too what you can do, creating its way more compatible with the plans of the outdoors of your system is. This will excellently extract the identity guarantee and will change the financial market.

The platform focuses on the introduction of a new consensus mechanism and a randomized work proof to balance perfectly strong security and high productivity. To introduce a new generation of blockchain, Usechain will use multi-level encryption and authentication methods, virtual identification machine, zero proof, advanced smart contract, and other innovative technologies.

Compared to current public blockchain such as BTC, ETH and EOS, Usechain solves the Impossible Trinity between scale, security and decentralization and provides a new way of designing application scenarios based on mass identity usage, since it is built on MIP and gets multi-level reorganizations in the base level BL blockchain.

Benefits of UseChain
A secure and reliable infrastructure The platform uses a secure infrastructure that focuses on a single identity mapping, thereby improving its application to scenarios that need authentication.

public participation
The platform supports the participation of all around the world. Usechain supports mining using even mobile devices because of its ability to use low resources and low power consumption.

low power consumption
Due to the characteristic of the platform for identity mapping, it can reduce its dependence on Bitcoin's hash capacity and, thus, reduce the consumption of energy and computational resources.

high performance
This platform introduces the highest quality resources to help the global community develop its ecosystem. This, in turn, unites application platforms and leading companies.


Identify the identity based on the blockchain.
Investigation of the blockchain based algorithm based on identity.
I put forward the concept of identity tokenization.
From Q1 to Q2 2017

to define the principles of design and tasks.
Draw up a development plan.
Officially launch the Usechain project.
Q3 2017

Designing the system architecture and basic protocol.
Integrated ecosystem planning.
4kV. 2017

to develop a basic public detachment.
Cooperation with partners to study application scenarios.
Q1 2018

to develop the fundamental functions of the basic public detachment.
Develop a system for mapping addresses and identities. Service of the Authentication Certification Center.
Q2 2018

Development of a privacy protection system.
Formation of the basic community and achievement of 50000+ people.
Q3 2018

Develop a consensual RPOW algorithm based on software
Develop advanced intellectual contracts
Develop a consensus TPOS algorithm
Launch the beta version of the main conversation
Provide 100,000 users in the community
Start the first DApp.
Q4 2018

Configure the structure of the sub-
Develop cross-network communications
Establish an environmental fund Usechain to accelerate the development of ecosystems
Develop a multidisciplinary vertical community.

AI-system for analyzing the behavior of addresses.
Develop a multi-core system using tokens.
Develop a consistent RPOW algorithm based on hardware.
Numerous industry-specific DApps based on identification.
Start a decentralized exchange.


Henry Cao became the director and founder of the company. Professor of Finance at Cheung Kong Business School and founder of the first in China Master of Business Administration. The co-founder of the project is Baohong-san. Chief engineer is Shanli Zhang. Zhang is a highly qualified specialist in blockchain technology. Also, the team included a finance specialist, Feng Zhang, an Internet expert and an Info security expert. An experienced technical director is Andy Zhou, publicist Amanda Shen. Total in the team - 10 people and 6 advisers. They all have practical experience promoting start-ups.

ICO Terms and Conditions
Amount : 20,000,000,000 UST

Maximum number of tokens for sale : 45%

Marketing and partner support: 5% (with generosity, including 6%)

Community Awards: 20%

Technical Community Awards: 15%

Main team: 15%

Softcap : 1350 BTC

Hardcap : 4500 BTC

ETH (Ethereum), BTC (Bitcoin)

All necessary information about the ICO, roadmap, project team, etc. You can find the official sources of the project:

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