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The Scandinavian country has a maritime tradition way back to the 8th century when the Vikings first step out to conquer the whole world. Despite the modest Danish population of fewer than 6 million people, it is the seventh largest seafarer nation in the world. Denmark is home of the world largest container shipping company Maersk. Denmark’s Shipping companies are actively contribution in all segments, from the dry bulk, offshore, oil tankers and containers. They have the top maritime technology for technical solutions, maritime safety equipment, and eco-efficient services. Denmark designs and installs two-stroke engines more than 70% of the world. Denmark has the top-ranked ambitious to secure a leading position is block-chain technology.

Container Shipping Industry

In 2017, the seaborne trade has a value of around $12 trillion and container shipping industry has accounted for 60% of the total world. This highly valuable industry has challenges from years like low rates, overcapacity, increasing environmental regulations and security threats. In future, it is ultimate to increase the efficiency, process improvement and digital transformation of the container shipping industry to increase its profitability and reduce its challenges.

Global Shared Container Project (GSCP)

The solution to these problems is that that Block-shipping Global Shared container project (GSCP) designed efficiently to transform the key processes of global containers handling significantly and solve some of the major problems related to container shipping industry. The Global Shared container project (GSCP) platform is the first to blockchain based container asset registry system, where the global container inventory (more than twenty-seven million units) will be registered with the real-time container location of every single container around the globe. Global Shared container project (GSCP) has an aim to achieve 60% market coverage target in three to four years with the registry of sixteen million units of the container in the Global Shared container project (GSCP).

Integration of Block-Chain Technology

The Block-chain technology will enable shared ledger and full transparency of financial settlement and container inventory. Financial settlement recorded when the intermodal transport work orders are issued, and also when the containers are interchanged between street turned or carriers between importer and exporter. The blockchain based system will enable the industry stakeholders (Beneficial Cargo Owners and Carriers), transportation companies and terminal operators to reduce containers inventory and achieve cost savings with the real-time exchange of information. The technology and blockchain offer Real-time visibility enabled contracts that will automate the payments and processes between the parties. This system will allow all the parties to reduce internal control cost.

Block-Shipping ICO

Block-shipping is the first company to launch the shipping related Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the Nordic region. Global Shared container project (GSCP) platform has issued two types of tokens, first is the Internal Container Platform Token (CPT) and the second one is the External Revenue shared Token, the external token is known as Container Crypto Coin (CCC). These are issued on the Ethereum global blockchain for ICO. The Industry players will use the Internal Container Platform Token (CPT) for the utilization of the platform for transaction settlement and clearing between them. It is pegged to US dollar (USD). These transactions will settle variety of fees and services like Carrier fee collected, container exchange fee and depot and terminal handling costs. The Global Shared container project (GSCP) platform has a percentage of revenue will go to Revenue Share Pool. This is an innovative model for revenue sharing; the funds in the Revenue Share Pool will pass on to the CCC token Owners in a system that the owners will reward on the Short-term and long-term basis.

ICO Mechanism (CPT & CCC Token)

The innovative use of the blockchain technology is the Revenue Share pool system. The ICOs will work as the Block-shipping will exchange the funds that are in the Revenue Share Pool, The Internal (CPT) token will convert in Ethereum (ETH). After that, the Black-shipping will conduct a Reverse based Dutch Auction on Ethereum blockchain global by using the block shipping smart-contracts. Block-shipping will auction and offer CCC owner a price against their tokens. During the auction, the offered price will increase at the fixed intervals, until the available Ethereum total amount is spent. The CCC owners who will choose to sell their tokens will receive Ethereum tokens as the payment. Block shipping will distribute all the CCC tokens to external tokens which they will get from the auction. Regardless the decision of selling or holding the tokens the owners of CCC tokens will be rewarded in both ways. CCC token buying incentive will be that 45% of funds raised by the selling of CCC tokens will be kept in the marketplace to provide support to price by the externally traded CCC tokens. Market Maker fund will provide support to floor CCC token price, and the CCC token holders can exchange their CCC token anytime to the USD dollar at the floor price.

Innovative and Unique Project

Block shipping has a cutting edge; It is an alternative method of funding model which is often compared with the crowdfunded model. It is unique and valuable funding model against the traditional virtual currency model. It is an innovative project and has unique properties. One of the main features of this project is that the funding is raised without the loss of control and ownership is not diluted. It is a new and never seen before the project that allows small investors to contribute and support this project. Block shipping is one of the best options to invest in, to increase the level of returns with a higher satisfaction level due to safety measures of the company. If you are looking or planning to invest in the reliable company. You are at the right place, start investing now in container shipping industry at the back, with an immense reputation to gain the handsome return on the investment. It offers a safe and easy platform for the investment. Look no further and think to start investing now in CCC tokens.

Token Distribution

A total of 50 million CCC token will be issued. The 50 million is the hard cap for CCC token, and no token will further issue in the future. The CCC token allocation is 70% is sold to publicly, 10% 10% is distributed to pre-sale and advisers, media, and partners and 5% 5% for founders and bonus for pre-sale and public sales.

Stable Price

The market is highly volatile, and prices of two cryptocurrencies chosen by the block shipping fluctuate high. These digital currencies are chosen to lock the token price to $0.62. The two digital currencies are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It is possible by two currencies and bank transfers (EUR & USD). At the time of purchase, the exchange rate will be locked based on average prices quoted of BTC against USD and ETH against USD.

Funding Break-Down

The funding is broken down into four parts, as the 45% invested in Market Maker fund to stable the prices of ICO, 25% for the Platform operation and development, 20% for the acquisition of software and 10% for the giveaway of Internal CPT tokens.

ICO Team and Advisors

The team of high professionals manages the ICO. They have immense experience in container shipping industry, expert knowledge on blockchain technology, lawyers and experts related to KYC, smart contracts and communications. They also have a highly professional team of Advisors. Block shipping is an excellent project to invest.

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