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Almost every crypto enthusiast knows that any ICO project is accompanied by the Bounty program and the sale of tokens. It turns out that there is a whole project that works exclusively for the Bounty program - ICO Bountie

As is known, to the share of all the existing markets of the planet, about 47% belongs to the world of the gaming industry, with the largest number of businesses concentrated in South Korea and Japan. The gaming market is only now beginning to understand that the introduction of its own crypto currency will help improve the situation of the industry and protect the interests of all its participants. In Singapore, where the project originated, realized that the introduction of its own game token BNE will help improve the position of gamers, to consolidate the rights of developers.

The integration into the ecosystem of Bountie will allow creating internal sweepstakes and tournaments, where all without exception can not only win, but also receive dividends. The creators of the ecosystem managed to implement a podcast for each tournament:

• Product. The tournament will be used by all participants to advertise and promote their own product. Developers can directly contact a seo-developer who can promote the tournament within the ecosystem, for example, as did the Razer 2018.

• Buy-in tournament. Participants can take part in a weekly tournament, where a personal team of players can be admitted to participate in a symbolic fee through their own BNE token. Nominal payment goes to the "common pot", after which the reward is distributed between the winners and the participants in the match.

• Free to Play tournament. Here gamers can take part in the selected tournament without any financial costs. The top 3 players of each tournament will receive a guaranteed reward from the Bountie ecosystem, in the form of BNE promotional tokens. Champions of the main event of the tournament will be admitted to the main participation in the tournament Free to Play. Ultimately, all winners will receive special gaming prizes, which are formed in the overall ecosystem pool.


In each social network - Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Blog, Translation, as well as in its own network Bountie participants go through simple registration requirements, after which the tournament begins. Before proceeding to the tournament, it is necessary to study the conditions of participation and distribution of the prize fund through BNE tokens.


Tokens and Distribution


• The official marker of the crypto currency is BTIE.

• Work platform and a token for payment - standard ERC20, cryptoactive Ethereum (ETH).

• Scope of cryptotoken - the main gaming segment, as well as healthcare, manufacturing and the casino industry.

• The date of foundation of the project - March 2018.

• Country of origin of the Bounty ecosystem - Singapore.

• Start-up ICO - May 10, 2018.

• The end is on May 20, 2018.

• The top hard disk 37500 ETH.

• The total number of tokens for the project is 150 million BNE.

• Phase 4 of the ICO is planned, the last phase should end on July 15, 2018.

• Cost 1 ETH = 4,000 BOUNTIE tokens.

Token Allocation

Here is how the funds from Bountie's Token Sale will be allocated.


The Team


The Advisors


More information:











Bitcointalk :;u=1171791

Bitcointalk Username: dilshan1001

Eth address : 0xBc2149633eB1301F2Dd14cD25e0F8542F3D44bAC


Great Article, Look like promising Project, !

Very good concept and I found a lot of useful information!!thank you!!!

I personally hope this project will reach their goals easily already joined and this is a good opportunity for all

thanks for your comment

This is a great project! Nicely explained!

all winners will receive special gaming prizes,.. its awesome news


A huge project with a great team! Thanks mate!

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