If GitHub activity is a measure of future value, EOS is flogging the rest of the pack.

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GitHub is a site devoted to collaborative (mostly) code development - think open source software development. It seems to be a pretty good way to gauge community interest in blockchain development and even potential, no?

Turns out that something fascinating is going on there, and if the activity of developers is a measure of future value, then something very interesting indeed is going on.

This is a screenshot from https://coincheckup.com/analysis/github - you should check out the actual link for the latest.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.04.18 pm.png

It is clear: by far the most active blockchain development community on GitHub is that of EOS.

What does this mean?

Well, I reckon it means that the talk about EOS (that it is going to be the Microsoft of Internet 3.0) isn't just talk.

There is a lot of work going on right now. This is big.

And pretty damn cool.

Screenshots courtesy of https://coincheckup.com - specifically https://coincheckup.com/analysis/github



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The future looks bright for EOS. I am surprise how active it is too. Pretty cool.

Bagus post nya saya suka

Oh.. that's excellent... The developers are doing a great job...

thanks for this great information...........////////

Great show, I like it!

That's cool to know.
I often feel that people with coding skills have an unfair advantage in cryptoland and EOS probably won't change that.

But I really hope EOS will open the gates to many more projects that are easily understandable and usable for normal people who don't understand anything on github...! What do you think?

Nice chaaaart, @drwom! That's pretty impressive.
Enjoyed and resteemed

Have you also heard about ONO, the first social media dApp to be launched on EOS?

EOS looks like a winner. Hopefully things increasingly go green in the next few weeks.

Also, just noticed your advert for the universal basic income. Would love to know your thoughts behind that...

And that is just about building the rocket...

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