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Own your data! -

Good health is not something we can buy.
However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.
-Anne Wilson Schaef

Better quality healthcare, though, is something we can buy – or even get for free through a digital healthcare wallet stuffed with all our medical data. And this digital wallet can be very valuable, both figuratively and literally.
Figuratively, because, with a digital healthcare wallet allowing you to take full control over your medical data, you do not need to waste time taking the same tests for every consultation with a new doctor or to worry anymore that your new doctor could miss something critical due to lack of full knowledge about your medical history.
And literally, because you don’t have to pay for the same tests, and, to top it all off, you can share your health data with research institutions and receive Medi tokens in return. Not to mention the satisfaction of maybe contributing to a medical breakthrough.

Healthcare wallet? Medi token?

Hey, wait a minute!
Are we going to own our medical data, have the opportunity to contribute to medical breakthroughs and pull tokens out of a wallet? And no more repeated tests, no more worries about delays in receiving treatment…
Yes, yes, yes to all of the above.
It really sounds like an extremely valuable savings account , right?
But let’s start from the beginning.

Healtcare system open to disruption

Today, your medical information is scattered across the medical institutions you have visited. One might think it is decentralized, but not a bit of it. Instead, each institution has control over a fraction of your data, and they keep it to themselves unless you specifically ask for personal information. Exchange of records is impossible due to strict privacy laws, and even when you grant access to your records, different systems of different hospitals obstruct the interoperability.
Healthcare data security, on the other hand, is all an illusion. In 2017, more than 5.5 million patient records were breached just in the United States according to Protenus1, and there were at least 37 breaches in January 2018 alone, which affected 473,807 patient records.2 These breaches cost billions of dollars each year.
Vulnerable to hacks and far from efficient (even an obstacle for patients to receive adequate treatment), the current centralized system needs to be revolutionized for the better, and this is where the digital healthcare wallet and the MED token – namely MediBloc steps in.

MediBloc: Healthcare information platform

Mission statement of MediBloc Team:
Improve healthcare access and experience by redistributing value of personal healthcare data, accelerating the world’s shift to private information decentralization.
-MediBloc WhitePaper

MediBloc is an open source healthcare data management platform built on its own blockchain. It is decentralized as well as patient centered. Thanks to blockchain, it is now easier to share the patient records with multiple parties in a secure and transparent manner. From this viewpoint, aiming to give individuals the full control over their medical data and make them the medium of health information flow, the platform offers each individual an access to their information as one complete record and the ability to grant medical institutions or researchers permission to access. It is our data to manage after all, even though we have limited control over it in the current system.

MediBloc, on the other hand, is like -as they put it- “a digital healthcare wallet that you carry all the time to store, update and transact your data”.
Yes, you are going to own your medical data.
Yes, you will have the opportunity to contribute a medical breakthrough by selling your data to researchers, and not hospitals but you will be compensated by researchers who utilize your data.
Interoperability is one of many benefits of blockchain-based platforms along with high reliability, security and transparency.
So, yes, every doctor or institution you visit can have an access to our data once you grant them permission, so there will be no need to repeat tests that you took not too long ago. Moreover, geographical barriers are no longer an issue on MediBloc; you can consult a doctor across the world.
In addition, making the patient the medium of healthcare information flow will also help health systems to reduce data management costs, and after the insurance claims and evaluations are automated with smart contracts, it will help all parties to save money and time –once again!
Saving money might be enough for you, but not for MediBloc users. All users, from patients to healthcare providers, are also rewarded with Medi tokens on the platform. Medi tokens serve as the payment method for medical and pharmaceutical expenses, insurance premiums, etc. at institutions associated with MediBloc.

MEDX Airdrop has begun!

Initially built on top of the Qtum blockchain (MED), MediBloc has decided to issue their own ERC20 token (MEDX) since ERC20 is widely accepted by the exchanges. Therefore, now MediBloc has two tokens, MED and MEDX, which both will be listed on exchanges as a separate token.
MediBloc is currently performing an airdrop of its Qtum tokens (MED) to the ERC20 standard.
And when MediBloc launches its own MainNet, they will each be swapped into 0.5 MainNet coin:

1 MED(QRC) Token = 0.5 MED (Main Net Coin)
1 ERC20 Token = 0.5 MED (Main Net Coin)

MediBloc Team

Clean bill of health by Forbes

Founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2017, MediBloc has already been mentioned in Forbes as one of the “10 Korean startups powering into 2018”.
Co-founders Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho and Dr. Eunsol Lee, who, aside from being software engineers, both practiced medicine, have brought years of medical and technical expertise to the company, and the rest of the team includes a mix of both healthcare and technology professionals.

Good health is not something we can buy, true.
However, we can "buy" better quality care while accelerating medical innovation with our medical data, because it is more than just information; it is an extremely valuable asset and meant to be secured in our very own digital healthcare wallet!

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