About Sprtshub.io: The dual blockchain decentralized sports sharing/gaming platform.

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Sprtshub.io is a decentralized sports sharing/gaming platform designed to interact with multiple blockchains thereby giving users the power of choice. As we all know, sports is the one acclivity that unites nations and tribes making it a must have fun for many even in times of unrest.
The idea behind Sprtshub was to bring a value system that guarantees the rewards in sports gaming, sharing and betting fair and square and the platform is designed to allow for use by individuals from different technological background or affiliation.

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Let’s take a look at what the platform offers.

We currently have the blogging platform working at full capacity linking directly with the Steem Blockchain and presently awaiting the EOS Blockchain functionality to be live.
Users are able to create contents and share on the platform for a chance to earn Steem/SBD for their aryicles and also mine some Sprtshubcoin (SPC) in the process. Articles posted on the platform are checked for plagiarism and compliance before they are approved to access the blockchains so we remain a platform that has been able to put in place processes and procedures to checkmate plagiarized contents.

BETTING:Capture1.PNGThe virtual betting section of the platform is live and users can test it out for a chance to win some EOS and earn reputation scores on the Sprtshub.io platform.
Work is currently on for the live betting and predictions feature for Sprtshub.io and we are looking to create an innovative sports betting platform on the Steem/EOS Blockchaina that will allow users interact and stake on their favorite games.
The platform will allow for the usage of Sprtscoin, EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem/SBD and Fiat. The platform which promises to come equipped with AI capabilities will help redefine sports betting via the Steem Blockchain.

LIVE SPORTS NEWS:Capture2.PNGWe have integrated a News Section to the platform to enable sports lovers and enthusiast access up to date sports news from all over the world. The world of sports is a minute by minute entertainment platform and that means to be able to make the experience felt real time, users need to have access to these news as they drop.
The feature is uniquely placed so that users visiting the site can access online real time sports news. On the right corner of the platform you will notice the News box which displays latest news stories from around the world and refreshes every 2 minutes.


At Sprtshub.io, development is ongoing to complete the other parts of the platform that will allow for users to experience a great time of fun, sharing and winning while sporting.
You can join our Telegram community to learn more and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date of new happenings.

You can also find us on Dappradar.com.Dr5pQ0wXcAUlk_H.jpg

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