Eternal Trust-Fiduciary services for the crypto world

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Old-fashioned fiduciary industry and the issues

Setting up a trust fund is the most guaranteed method in these days to protect a legacy of a person. A trust fund is an exceptional type of legal entity that sustains asset for the advantage of an individual, group, or organization. For years we have not seen any kind of radical changes in the trust market and still, it is been controlled according to the centuries-old principles. These old-fashioned principles are incapable of protecting digital assets like apps, digital productions and recently cryptocurrencies and tokens. Still, people think that only the rich people can take the advantages of these services. The reason is still the management fees relates to these services are not affordable for most of the regular people.

What is Eternal Trust?

This is the situation where Eternal Trust project comes into the industry to solve these issues in the current industry that we can see. The Eternal Trust is a company which consists with Blockchain experts and financial industry experts to completely change the way how the old-fashioned fiduciary industry works and to make it more secure, transparent, flexible, affordable and autonomous and more especially the project Eternal Trust is here to create the world’s first trusted asset administration system based on Blockchain technology and fiduciary crypto protocol. This newly built system will able to completely replace the centuries-old conventional procedures due to the native qualities of cryptocurrency based solutions and Blockchain technology, and this model will be available for integration to all the financial services.

Recently the world of cryptocurrency is growing very fast and lots of people are joining with the crypto and Blockchain industry. But the main concern and the fear that the cryptocurrency holders are having is, they will have nothing to do if they lost their crypto or the potentials of the crypto if they lose the legal capacity to control them. The people now tend to store their assets in crypto due to the characteristic of the crypto and Blockchain based products such as transparency, high volatility, security and many more. But they have to rely on traditional systems to protect their funds.

Recently around $20 billion worth of bitcoins has lost without having a way to transfer their ownership to anyone.

The Eternal trust will give the solution to the problems like the above one. This is the world’s first fiduciary crypto protocol that can be used to create dApps (decentralized apps) to securely manage the crypto assets. This system will replace the ordinary system with Blockchain based crypto technologies and the system will be more flexible, secure, transparent due to the native features of the Blockchain technology and more especially the fees will be more affordable for the regular people.

ICO and token details

The token symbol is ETT with the initial value of 0.01 USD per one token during the pre-ICO. Price in ICO will be 0.021 USD. Soft cap amount is 7,000,000 USD and the total amount of tokens will be 3,000,000,000. They have allocated 1,950,000,000 tokens for sale and all the unsold tokens will be burnt. Below you can see the summary of this details and a graph of the token distribution.

Token symbol: ETT
Pre-ICO price: 0.01 USD
ICO price: 0.021 USD
Softcap: 7,000,000 USD
Total tokens: 3,000,000,000 ETT
Tokens for sale: 1,950,000,000 ETT


You will able to see that the team members are having years spanning experiences in the financial industry. I will not try to explain all the experiences and qualifications of the team members. But you can see all the details by going to the official website of the project.

Management Team

Development Team

Media and Communication

Official telegram channel consists of over 12K members and the Official Twitter page is being followed by more than 10K followers. At the end of this article you will able to find all the related links to this project.

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