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Intro to the world of crypto

Even you can see there are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges on the market right now you will able to find some weaknesses in every exchange. Some exchanges have security issues while some of them are not simple to use and not user-friendly. A clean and very simple interface, minimum or near to zero commission, high security, fully transparent in work and an advanced and highly qualified technical support are the ordinary needs of the cryptocurrency users. Actually, cryptocurrency exchanges are the heart of the Cryptocurrency world. Why do I say like that? Because it is crystal clear that without the existence of these exchanges the people will not able to make the uses of cryptocurrencies in any way. Because those are the only places where the users can buy and sell crypto or exchange from one to another.

Why are Crypto exchanges so important?

According to the recent researches it is said that more than 50 millions of people all over the world are now actively engaging in the cryptocurrencies in many ways like trading, holding or simply being crypto enthusiasts. Total cryptocurrency world is now having a market cap of more than 200 Billion US Dollars and all these transactions are being made through the cryptocurrency exchanges. I think now you can understand the importance of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

A deeper dive into the crypto exchanges

By now more than Billions of Dollars worth trades including buying, selling and exchanging are being conducted through the variety of cryptocurrency exchanges during every single day and this is happening throughout the each and every single day until the cryptocurrencies exist. But almost all these exchanges generally keep the revenues gained from those exchanges for themselves and any trader or the community will not be given any portions from it.

What about HiBTC?

Recently there are hundreds of exchanges in existence and almost all the exchanges are working very similarly except one. That is HiBTC and it is a unique cryptocurrency exchange that has been developed with the sole purpose of being fair and providing a fully transparent service to the community. That is what we know what Blockchain aims to achieve. HiBTC trading and exchanging platform offers you a transparent, safe and high-efficiency service that you have never seen before. Now let’s see what the features of HiBTC are.

That is the major concern that we all are having with other exchanges now. Because the security of the funds of the users is very important than any other thing and the team behind the project HiBTC knows this and they have done a tremendous work to bring the security of the assets of the users to a whole new level by adding multi-layered firewalls, multi-signature and something called cold hot money bag isolation programs and with them they aims to maximize the security of the cryptocurrencies of the users.

Rights Sharing, Transparency, and 1+1 currency list mode:
Unlike all the other centralized exchanges, the platform HiBTC gives its users' decision-making rights. To own the decision making right and to be added to the user group simply a user need to hold 5% or more of the total HIBT token supply and then they will be given the right to individually recommend a cryptocurrency to be listed on the platform and to make decisions on major issues on the platform without establishment of a board of directors or shareholder meetings.

Revenue Sharing:
This is the most interesting, unique and innovative feature of the HiBTC platform. 50% of HIBT (The native token of HiBTC) will be shared among the users through transaction processing fee mining just for holding the tokens. Also, the users can enjoy the income distribution event and the whole process is called “Trading mining”

Fast Transaction Framework:
If a transaction takes much longer then the users may go away from that exchange. When it comes to the HiBTC platform, the platform can handle 2 million transactions per second. The brilliant minds behind the project have worked hard to bring this to a reality.

What is fomoHIBT

This is a new idea of the team to rewards its traders with HIBT for trading in the platform. The platform has set a prize pool to distribute among the HIBT trading contributors. Contributors refer to the people those who buy HIBT tokens more than 0 during 0:00 to 24:00(UTC). All the rules and details can be found on the official website. To maintain the transparency, the top 10 successful contributors of the day will be shown with real-time updates on the leaderboard. The prize pool is growing in size as the income of the HiBTC platform grows.

Learn more about fomoHIBT: https://www.hibtc.com/#/act/fomohibt

The Conclusion

HiBTC is a new trading platform. The main important thing that can be expected from a cryptocurrency exchange is the safety of the assets of the users. The team behind the HiBTC platform aware of this and they have taken it seriously by adding new security features to the platform. HiBTC shares its revenues with HIBT token holders and all you need to do is holding some amount of HIBT. Those are the features of this innovative HiBTC platform.

Website: http://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

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