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Since the innovation of the Blockchain and the introduction of the cryptocurrencies, the people were started talking about it much as a replacement for Fiat currencies. At the start of the technology, people found it is very hard to use these cryptocurrencies for their day to day life. Because the people were not able to find good exchanges to exchange their cryptocurrencies to fiat and there were no any good places to trade them. To fill this gap a large numb of cryptocurrency exchanges were established during past few years. Although recently we can find lots of cryptocurrency exchanges still there are some problems persists with them. Some of them are listed below.

  • Less security
  • Less efficiency
  • High transactional fees

The trading platform and exchange HiBTC is here to solve these issues in the current system by introducing a safe, transparent and high-efficiency system.

Safe –
As the security and safety is the main concern of lots of people, the team at HiBTC has paid lots of attention to bring it to the highest possible level. Actually, they have given the highest priority to the safety of users assets by joining with top security companies, providing multi-layered firewalls, using multi-signatures and introducing the newest program called “cold hot money bag isolation”.

By using the latest technologies like memory coupling algorithms and with the help of financial-grade transaction framework, the platform HiBTC is able to handle 2 million transactions per second.

In addition to the above benefits, the HiBTC platform provides the following services to the users.

Trading mining feature-
By introducing an innovative “transaction + token holding” mining model, the users will be rewarded with 50% HIBT (which is the HiBTC token symbol) through transaction processing fee mining. Also, the HIBTC tokens holders will be given the right to jointly participate in business affairs and they can receive the income distributions.

Revenue and rights sharing feature-
All the HIBT currency holders will be rewarded with the platform revenue. Also, they will be given the equal rights to make decisions on major issues, income rights, and management rights etc. without establishing a board of directors or shareholder meetings.

Anyone can see the all the data related to the user’s interests, like platform transaction data, income data, mining data, and voting data etc. All these data are traceable and verifiable.

1+1 currency list mode-
Any user who holds 5% or more HIBT circulation can join their platform selection channel + HIBT recommender currency issuance channel and they can independently recommend a digital coin to log in to HiBTC platform.

Features of the platform

The HiBTC exchange platform has chosen to perform as a decentralized form in opposition to the recently recognized centralized way of doing business which can make it easy for theft, fraud, incompetence or security breach simply because the centralized business model is close to been monopolized. Implementing the groundbreaking HiBTC design principle and enhanced innovations, HiBTC will give you a secured, reliable and hassle-free platform for digital asset trading for all contestants. In HiBTC, irrespective of the scale of the transaction, each and every participant is able to efficiently reach investment objectives without getting worried about shielding personal privacy or security of digital assets. Furthermore, the experienced financial unit will offer investors with high-risk hedging instruments and also specific investment alternatives.

Interface of the platform

HiBTC Token

This is the token that is issued by the HiBTC platform. The total token amount that is going to be released by the platform has been set to 10 Billion tokens and they will never create additional tokens. More than 40% of the revenue will be distributed among the HIBT token holders. Below chart will show you how they have planned to distribute the tokens.

Token distribution


The HiBTC platform has set a prize pool which is growing in size as the income of the platform grows and once this pool is triggered then the entire price amount in the pool will be distributed among the HIBT trading contributors. The trading contributors refer to the people those who buy more than 0 HIBT from 0:00 to 24:00(UTC). You can find all the rules related to this fomoHIBT on their website. Additionally, the top 10 successful contributors of the day will be listed on the leaderboard with real-time details and updates. Also keep In your mind that the rules can be changed according to the situations and once the rules are updated, the updated rules can be found on their website.

To acquire a greater understanding of the project and solution, I would recommend that you study the details on the links below.

Website: http://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

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