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SCAVO Technologies is a firm founded in Argentina, focusing on the engineering of data center base for crypto-mining making use of environmentally friendly resources. Formally, the company launched on August 1, 2017, resulting from a couple of years of analysis and improvement of copyrighted technology, which together produce energy balance of the whole complex of crypto-mining. Factored in the initial coin offering ( ICO ), SCAVO is going to develop a large-scale mining farm of bitcoin as well as altcoins in a self-sustaining approach and put it into production based on the due dates set out in the roadmap. For a large-scale venture need to have a number of different resources, for instance financial, physical, technical, human, and so on. At several phases of research and development ( R & d ) Technologies, SCAVO has been able to set up a range of linkages with technology companies, manufacturers and extremely experienced experts in different areas of the world. Likewise, we hope to have the ability to set up long-lasting connections with our investors that will allow us to develop together on the basis of visible terms. The Scavo electricity is going to be entirely supported by mining appliances along with other devices which is a piece of a green energy plant which will exist in an actual geographic location, producing 24x7 crypto assets. Recent SCAVO relies upon the intellectual contract in Ethereum. This is the ERC-20 token, the actual level of latest tokens.


Every token bought lets the holder to access resources generated according to the transaction types given in the document. Hence, the holder of the Scavo token receives the right to obtain income in proportion to the quantity of the token that he keeps for life. It is recognized as such, to the period during which the overhead costs will not surpass the profit to be acquired.

Strong believe

At SCAVO Solutions, we highly recognize that investing in crypto-sustainable mining is considered the most beneficial opportunity for long-term profits, therefore our suggestion would be to enhance investor relations via distinct guidelines.

Intelligent Solutions

SCAVO Technologies, along with offering a smart solution to the generation and usage of the energy of the crypto-mining farm, by minimizing the expense of energy to its highest possible expression, we make engagement in the business a lot more obtainable and simpler for anybody typically, despite their understanding and wealth.

More about SCAVO

With a purpose to have a greater negotiating position in numerous advanced procedures , SCAVO Technologies is authorized in the register of importers / exporters of Argentina . This authorized straight and without intermediaries to access required hardware ( ASIC, graphics processors, PCBs, etc . ), Minimizing costs. We have contracts with a variety of international transport companies on economical options.

Energy Self Sufficient

Attaining energy self-sufficiency became an important landmark in the progression of the project alone since it will permit the development of a variety of operating models of the company without recommendation to conventional energy costs, as well as to fluctuations in the energy market or energy policy. The application of alternative energy resources for power generation enables the development of this ecosystem in numerous areas of the world, where the charges for energy is incompatible with the crypto-mining market.

Energy Stability

Obtaining energy steadiness for an optimum time period of 12 months minimizes the cost of energy per kWh from 0 .12-0 .15 USD to values from 0 .01 to 0 .05 USD and a lowest estimated life of 10 years.


To attain a large-scale crypto mining procedure, scalability happens to be the matter of significant consideration. To achieve this, all the recommendations for the design and development of the variety of elements offer better modularity. The models have been created ( at the subsystem level ) in a standardized process where enables exchange between any of them. Simultaneously, being a modular process, they are invented to manage to construct a variety of mechanisms to add or remove capacity in a nearly endless way ( considering the deployment space of the complex ). For instance, the interconnection of energy permits horizontal and vertical integration of the equivalent connection with other nearby energy systems and at the same time hooking up with the conventional energy system.

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