An Overview Of The Mixin Network.

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The Blockchain revolution came with it a lot of perks and benefits. Finance is now being redistributed without just a few having the control over it. We have total control of our assets and about how we spend or not spend it. This has given the Blockchain and especially Bitcoin a lot of exposure and adoption, with Bitcoin achieving an all-time market cap in 2017.

With adoption came the attendant issues that come with it. insufficient transaction capacity, slower confirmation, and higher transaction fees. This made Developers aiming to fix these issues invent Ethereum, Blockchain 2.0. Monero, Stellar etc. These Blockchains were also aimed at fixing these issues. But did they?

Lightning Network, Liquid Project from Blockstream, Raiden Network have all been touted to attempt to fix some of the issues. “Mixin is proposing a solution that empowers the popularly distributed ledgers”

The Mixin Project is one I came to hear about in Passing. Looking at most other Projects and you’ll be bored with the recycling of ideas, but this caught my attention. While other Projects promises to improve on the Bitcoin Blockchain etc and ending up in the same quagmire, Mixin isn’t aiming to be another Cryptocurrency or anything like that. its solution is a whole lot different.

The Mixin Network is a multi-layer distributed network with security so tight that even with daily usage, we are assured of the security of our tokens compared to external exchanges.

I downloaded the Mixin Messenger and I was amazed at the simplicity and usefulness. You can easily share and transfer your tokens between friends at almost zero fees while having fun chatting. You can also store Multi Blockchain tokens on the App, unlike most other wallets that only allow one Blockchain at a time. The exchange is another wonderful feature I find convenient. You can easily trade your tokens all in one easy Interface. Little wonder the App already has over 1 million users.

You might ask what’s so different about Mixin Messenger as opposed to other Social messaging Apps. With Mixin, you can store all kinds of Cryptocurrency while others support only RMB Payments. Unlike other Apps that are centralized, Mixin is Decentralized with its network built on the Blockchain.

The Mixin App is an App that Newbies to Cryptocurrency will find easy and convenient to use. This will welcome them into this complex world in an easy and smooth ride.

I was wondering why I’ve heard so little about Mixin before now even though they’re in top 100 in CMC, and my interest got piqued and I decided to check them out on their social media.

Unlike Some Projects that would only want to develop within their location, Mixin team is looking to expand into other areas.

This article is just to get you familiar with The Mixin Project as an introduction. In my next article, I’ll be talking about the partnerships, where Mixin token is listed, the team, the Token and so many other important information. Be Prepared to be mind blown.

For now, you can check out Mixin on the website or on their several social media. You can also join the Telegram and interact with the fun and interesting community.

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