DigitalBits - Focusing On Closing The Gap Between Blockchain Innovation And Mass Adoption.

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The forecast for cryptocurrency hasn't been going as fast as previously thought. The adoption isn't as widespread as first assumed and this is because of so many factors. We don't expect people to use what they don't understand. There are clunky wallets with all the passphrases and private keys, and we also have applications that aren't at all easy to navigate.

If the blockchain would gain adoption as soon as possible, we need to target users and investors of the traditional financial system. We have to entice them with what they aren't getting and this is what DigitalBits aims to offer. DigitalBits aims to drive a revolution where blockchain is adopted by the masses.

The DigitalBits protocol aims to drive the mass adoption of the Blockchain by making it easy to use and navigate. This is one of the main deterrents for mass adoption, with DigitalBits, users can be well acclimatized to the blockchain because it'll be easy. Some of the features and benefits DigitalBits offer.

Tokenize Rewards and Loyalty Points
Most retail stores offer its customers rewards in the form of points etc. Most customers do not know how or what to use these points. With DigitalBits, these points can be Tokenize and easily used. This will ultimately drive users into the blockchain and will Foster adoption speedily.

DigitalBits makes it possible for consumers to transfer and use their tokens even when there's no market available. This is very vision because it is unique. With this traders aren't afraid of their assets going under because DigitalBits will also offer a market for them.

Below are some of the features on the DigitalBits Blockchain.

As seen in

Digitalbits is a fork of the Stellar blockchain, serving as a protocol focused on becoming the transaction and trading layer of certain digital assets, including the points economy. XDB Labs’ inaugural product, XDB Wallet, will act as a complete solution to manage and hold the DigitalBits native token, XDB, as well as other assets built on the DigitalBits blockchain.


Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | ANN | Westart |

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