Do You Know Who Is Watching You? Block Them With HoneyPod.

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The internet age has brought with it so many perks and benefits. We can now connect to anywhere with just a click. This is a great thing as information access and dissemination is now as easy as it can get. With the ease of connectivity also comes an issue, issue of phishing, hack, data theft etc. Users of the Internet don't bother about these security risks, maybe because they don't yet know the harm and damage this can cause. Let's look at the problems facing Internet users.


  • SECURITY - Safety of data that passes through our connections aren't as safe as we'd like and hope for. The use of Vpn has been touted as a solution to this. But even VPNs aren't safe enough. We are still prone to attacks, hacks and malware.

  • SPEED - The paths which our Internet passes from our providers to us decreases the speed along the way. This is why our providers show a different speed of downloads and uploads while we get something far less. The speed with which pages load while we browse is also relatively slow compared to how it should be. This is because of the numerous trackers embedded in most websites.

These are just a few of the issues arising when we use the Internet. HoneyPod aims to solve these.

HoneyPod can be seen as a complete shield for your Internet life. HoneyPod aims to fit into these three markets.

Privacy Protection and Security.
Online Payments and Exchange of Services.
Online Authentication."

With the explosion of Internet users in the coming years. HoneyPod will be seen as an essential tool to have. Honeypod is unique and different from other platforms in that instead of allowing the Internet requests to go the provider, back to you before blocking the rendering in your browser, Honeypod stops the malicious request without allowing it get to the Internet.

With Honeypod you don't need installing software into all of your devices, it's a one size fits all scenario where you plug and it handles requests on all devices.

The Technology Behind HoneyPod.
HoneyPod is like a block to any malicious, intrusive and unwanted data packets coming through your router, while also allowing the much-needed information to pass through. Honeypod main aim is to "End third-party snooping and bandwidth clogging at the highest level - at the beginning of your Internet connection before the Internet reaches your devices".

Honeypod can be connected to your router and this helps in filtering your connection from advertisements, unwanted third-party connections, travelling systems, viruses, malware, adware etc.

HoneyPod With The Blockchain
The blockchain is arguably one of the best technologies of the last decade. Technologies are now using it as the foundation for their modules, Honeypod isn't left out. With and through the blockchain, honeypod can verify and validate data from your Internet connections. Honeypod can also use the blockchain to make sure your online payments and transactions are secure. The stellar blockchain is the protocol Honeypod will be built on because of its fast consensus etc.

HoneyPod is open source but will make hardware units so that every and anyone can have access to it, no matter the level of your education in the technical world.

HoneyPod Tokens (HNY)
Honey or HNY is the token of Honeypod. It's a stellar token and is the native token of Honeypod. Below is a table of the uses of the token.

Website -
WhitePaper -
Twitter -
Telegram -

Username - Pecu15


This looks like an interesting project. Will check it out.

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