GSC Platform ERP 3.0 - A blockchain backed supply chain management software for business automation

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Purchasing Units in any Company is basically the main arm of the business. The buyers and customers are the most important group in a business and it's imperative that businesses find new and innovative ways to meet their needs. So many factors can have a negative impact on the purchasing power of companies. Below are some of the problems;

  1. Orders being made by mistake.
  2. Some suppliers can be very rigid.
  3. Due to certain factors, procurements can exceed the budgets planned for it.
  4. There are cases of damaged goods.

These are just a few of the issues facing the Purchasing sector of companies. This unit is the link between the buyer and supplier and must be on its toes every time. It's imperative that both the buyer and supplier are treated fairly and they should also be consistent for any company to grow. There must be transparency, speed, security and also automation for the smooth running of the process. If these are not in place, there can be huge losses and even a drastic reduction in sales which will have an adverse effect on the company sales etc. The traditional methods are proving to be ineffective and this is why Genesis Supply Chain platform with the Blockchain as its foundation aims to improve on the purchasing power of companies.

Genesis Supply Chain (GSC Platform)
The GSC Platform was formed out of a need for smart purchasing power by Companies. It is based on the Blockchain Technology which as we all know is the greatest technology of the last decade with the speed, transparency, and so many other features. The GSC platform will make use of the GSC ERP 3.0 Blockchain technology as its base.

The ERP 3.0 Blockchain technology is a purchase management software which can be used on the go. Companies can now boast of an easy to use Software that can be easily set up by anyone. It will drastically reduce the time used for sourcing and purchasing and also cost-effective. This Platform benefits Companies in so many ways like efficiently mitigate against authentication problems, counterfeiting, and industrial espionage. There are three main features which all form the core of the GSC ERP 3.0

  • IT Platform.
    This is an easy to read dashboard where purchases can see and track details in real time. Suppliers portfolios can be viewed and tracked to have an idea of their performance and inventory. This will give the purchaser an idea of when and what to purchase and can be assured of prompt delivery.

With the GSC Platform, industrial spying or espionage and sabotaging is basically nonexistent. With the Decentralization Blockchain Database, the data stored by suppliers are immutable and secure. These data can be stored for as long as possible in the most secure environment possible.

  • Smart Purchases.
    The Blockchains' main feature is its smart contract. With the GSC smart purchases feature, users can manage their orders easily using the Blockchain. With the "Trustless" feature of smart contracts, there is no need for third-party mediators during dealings.

The smart purchases feature is made more popular with the ability for instant payment as soon as the terms of the agreement have been fulfilled. Fees are as minimal as possible.

The smart contracts run in an automated way which doesn't give room for interference from any third party.


  • Parts Traceability.
    It is imperative that supplies can be traced as they are being delivered in a transparent environment, and this is where GSC Parts traceability feature comes into play.

With the data/part certificate which is implemented into the blockchain, suppliers are assured of the safety of their products and this gives consumers assurance that their orders aren't counterfeited.

Users are given the chance to accredit suppliers. They can validate the data/certificate which gives the platform and suppliers a reputation of transparency and efficiency.

The GSC Platform (IT Platform) according to the roadmap will be available before February 2019.

Token Sale
KYC is required for contributors.
Private sales start at $0.025 and the final round sale price will be $0.07 per token. Contributing early will be beneficial for us.

Sales Timeline.
Private Sale: August 4th - August 31st. The minimum purchase is $1000 and there is no maximum. $0.025 per token with a 50% token bonus.

Presale: September 1 - September 23. Minimum purchase $1000. $0.03 per token with a 40% bonus.

Public Sale Stage 1: September 24 - November 23. Minimum purchase $100. $0.04 per token with a 15% bonus.

Public Sale Stage 2: November 24 - January 23. Minimum purchase $100. $0.05 per token with a 5% bonus.

Public Sale Final Stage: January 24 - February 27. Minimum purchase $100. $0.07 per token.

Unsold Tokens will be burned which will ultimately increase the value of the token.

Soft cap - $4m

Details of the token sale can be found on the Website and Whitepaper.

GSC Platform has been building partnerships and so many other great news. More Information on this can be found here.



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This is a well detailed and descriptive article on this project. The project looks unique and I'll be checking out the website. Kudos and more of this write up.

Thank you. Yes the project is unique and meets a well defined need

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