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The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have been gaining grounds in the last decades with the market cap running into millions of dollars. Individuals and organizations are now adopting it massively and this overall gives the technology exposure. This burst in acknowledgment is encouraging even though some basic things like legislation are still not yet set up properly.

Newer adopters of the blockchain and even some older ones are sometimes in a fix about some intricacies of the technology. Some find it difficult to navigate the many complexities therein and need guidance most times. Exchanges are springing up daily but without easy navigation etc. that users really need. Xcoynz aims to be a solution to these issues.

This is a platform that is created for the masses that are looking for an easy way to access the blockchain. The Platform is geared towards low cost, fast transactions and speed, and removing complexities in how users view the Blockchain. Faster adoption won't come if the chance isn't given to all and sundry to experience the blockchain and Cryptocurrency in an easy manner. What are the features that make XCOYNZ stand out from its peers?

  1. Unlike other Platforms where fees are a fixed percentage, Xcoynz gives users the leeway to set their own fee. This is really a one in a kind offer that is unique only to this Platform.

  2. Exchanges from crypto to Fiat is now made seamless with Xcoynz with the exchange proceeds going directly to our bank accounts. The first Fiat currency will be the British Pound Sterling with the US dollar and Euro coming in later phases.

  3. The Smart Algorithm Wallet (SAW) of the Xcoynz platform makes it possible for users that have assets in multiple wallets to be able to integrate them via "Machine learning algorithms" and will make recommendations on the best possible path for a low transfer and exchange fees. SAW can also provide advice on cryptocurrencies users can Hodl for the long, short or middle term.

  4. With the Xcoynz payment gateway, goods and services can now be bought and sold using cryptocurrencies as payments. This is one of the major reasons digital assets have been on the backline. Investors had to exchange them back to fiat before they can make use of it. But with Xcoynz, that's in the past because the exchange wouldn't need to be done anymore. Goods and services are now paid for directly.

  5. With the Xcoynz Smart Cards, users can now purchase anything they want from retailers using the Smartcards. Withdrawal of Fiat is also made possible and access to digital assets is instant.

All these bring about an easier way for newbies and even the experienced to familiarize themselves with the blockchain in the easiest manner possible.

The Xcoynz token (XCNZ) will be a Utility token which can be used as exchange fees which will also attract a discount and a faster withdrawal mechanism.
Use cases.

  1. XCNZ can be used to set transaction fees.
  2. X-swift withdrawal which a faster way to withdraw is only available to those with XCNZ.
  3. Retailers can have a reduced fee for when they use the Payment gateway, only if they use XCNZ as payment.

Token Symbol - XCNZ
Total Supply - 1,250,000,000
Base token price - $0.05
Soft cap - $6M
Hard cap - $26.5M

This Article isn't in any way Investment advice. To have all the facts before making an informed decision, please check out the links below.
Website - https://xcoynz.com
Whitepaper - https://xcoynz.com/WhitePaper-Full.html
Team - https://xcoynz.com/#team
Telegram - https://t.me/XCOYNZ

Bounty0x Username - Faithclin


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