EDC Blockchain: A global and complete blockchain platform [English]

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Big companies are showing interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we can mention some of them, such as Facebook, which should announce its own token soon, Samsung, and Telegram, which announced the sale of its Gram tokens recently.

What all these tokens have in common besides having big companies behind is that they are all based on existing blockchain platforms in the crypto market because from these platforms it is possible to create and issue tokens.


The EDC Blockchain Platform

Founded in 2015, EDC Blockchain is a 'blockchain platform' that enables tokens to be created by small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and public organizations such as churches and charities. This allows small businesses to "tokenize" their business through blockchain technology.

EDC Blockchain uses BitShares 2.0 technology, based on the Graphene platform, where open source acts as a consensus mechanism. Learn more about the platform at: https://blockchain.mn


The Coin Constructor

EDC Wallet has an excellent tool for the creation, configuration and issuance of tokens, called Coin Constructor, from it it is possible to "tokenize" your business, besides starting new ventures in this market.

Currently, the tool offers up to three token building packages, the basic package, the Plus package, and the Premium package. Each one made to meet the individual need of each project as well as the magnitude of it.

Consensus Algorithm and Decentralized Exchange

EDC Blockchain uses the mining consensus called LPoS (Leased Proof of Stake). The miner in an LPoS algorithm participates in a process called leasing, the tokens are lease to the network nodes, which are responsible for validating the transactions.

Unlike PoW (Proof of Work), PoS/LPoS does not use computational force, thus, it does not require the use of potent hardware for tokens mining, simply leaving their tokens stored in the wallet.

A major new feature of the platform is the creation of Decentralized Exchange that will allow peer-to-peer negotiations without the interference of any intermediary. This will ensure traders have custody of their funds, as they will be stored in their own wallet, not in a third-party wallet, as is the case with conventional exchanges.

The EDC Coin

The EDC Blockchain platform has its own coin, called "EDC", with which it is possible to pay fees within the platform, use the tokens for LPoS mining and have access to services provided by EDC.

Currently, EDC can be traded in several exchanges, such as Coinbene, IDAX and Digifinex, and in the future own platform.

In addition, all transactions of EDC coin have a fixed fee of only 0.001 EDC, that is less than $0.01. Learn more about the platform by visiting the site: https://blockchain.mn



With the reach of the article on EDC blockchain in Portuguese, I decided to write this article in the English language, so that more people can know the EDC Blockchain platform.

Soon the long-awaited DEX will be launched, which will certainly add a lot to the cryptocurrencies community and EDC Blockchain itself by allowing the trading of cryptographic assets with custody of their own funds.

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