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It's one thing to be a good and dedicated content Creator and it's another thing to get rewarded at the end of the day for your efforts. Over the years platforms like uptrend, Scorum, steemit etc have shown a great deal of consistency in giving commensurate rewards to qualify content creators. Aside the writing and posting of review articles, video content creation is another major venture that requires a great deal of effort and returns, centralized conventional platforms like YouTube seems to be saturated, people put so much effort, time and resources to upload video contents but eventually become disappointed with the small number viewer's, the managers of this YouTube platforms can without cognisance to the creators effort delete their videos, this on makes it very discouraging especially for new users hoping to come on this channels.
Blockchain technology is changing the status quo by giving video content creators prompt and commensurate rewards for their shared videos. This will in no small measure encourage people to share high-quality videos with rich content.

The ClipX project is a blockchain project that operates as an e-learning platform that provides users with commensurate rewards for their passion, time, talent, and resources invested in video content. The ClipX is designed to provide the following services namely:
(1) Video hosting: this feature will provide a profound knowledge base for users to acquire comprehensive knowledge via the workshops, online courses, and training.
(2) Video streaming: it's possible to watch live videos from anywhere, any day and anytime using just any internet-enabled device.
(3) Video conferencing for private and commercial purposes
(4) Video on Demand

The ClipX project gives enormous powers to users, users have the right and ability to determine video contents that they can give for free or at a small cost.

ClipX is the best platform for beginners because it has modalities for garnering recognition, easily attracting patronage and this will all lead to more financial returns.

The peculiarities of the ClipX platform make it the first-choice platform for housing the best of minds globally, it's designed to accommodate the professional interest and skillsets of technicians, teachers, doctors, mentors, and even engineers. Every participant comprising of the video content creators (clipers) and the video content viewers ( clickers) are eligible for rewards. You earn on the platform for uploading your videos and you also earn for watching this uploaded videos on regular basis, payment for videos can be made using either fiat or ClipX utility tokens, Bitcoin cash, ethereum, tether, litecoin & Bitcoin. It's worthy to note that this is the only platform providing a win-win model for all involved.

CLIPX Utility Token
The ClipX token is the utility token specially designed to power economic activities within the ClipX platform, ClipX token is solely based on the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain standard and will be used by clipers and clickers as a legal tender for offsetting payments, giving royalties and rewards, payments based services on the ClipX platform are not only transparent but also immutable.

When it comes to creating video content for financial returns, YouTube seems to be the major platform that has overtime become the best place, sadly it seems YouTube is becoming saturated, overwhelmed, and very discouraging for newcomers. The ClipX GmbH is a blockchain-enabled project that has peculiarities capable of rekindling the passion, interest, prospects, and rewards that ought to have come with video content creations, with ClipX it's possible just for anyone to earn and learn without stress.

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