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Any prolific writer with extensive writing & research prowess, will certainly recognize a good project when he sees one. As we race through 2020 my research has afforded me the opportunity of discovering a weird but unique project like Dogdata, it's looks weird because it's the first of it's kind.
Dogdata seeks to leverage on breeders, dog owner's and the entirety of the dog industry using a blend of activating power house like; ERC-20 & erc71, web 3.0, blockchain ledger, AI machine learning agent and then smart contracts.
All these and many more, are the solutions that Dogdata is poised towards offering to the industry of dog breeding.

Although they have been series of efforts, aimed at changing the fortunes of the dog breeding industry. But most of these efforts have yielded little or no progress as obstacles like:

Bad diet for dogs
Missing framework for ensuring dog welfare.
inefficient/ineffective dog breeding process.
High death rate of puppies.
Time mismanagement.
Extremely high cost of securing bed sitters.
Absence of transportations for dogs.
There are no online dog shows for display/grooming/contest.


Technology is a great tool that propels transformation beyond the imaginations of man, the success of every sector (oil, gas, agriculture, Education, finance etc) is dependent on it's ability to avail itself wholly to technology. Dogdata seem to have availed itself to blockchain technology.
Amidst the list of prevailing problems Dogdata offers a revolutionary insight & application into the dog industry. Dogdata is an ecosystem that was built to operate on the core technologies of blockchain, the ecosystem will provide a unique Marketplace/industry for housing dog owners,dog breeders and dog breed experts/judges. So as to ensure that dog welfare is enabled. Dogdata has the ability to broaden the knowledge & insight of many whom are into the business of dog breeding, the higher the quantity of knowledge content the higher the awareness on how to improve world pedigree database for pet dog breeders and dog owners. The ecosystem offers a standardized process of purchasing dog based products,services and solutions.

The native token for Dogdata ecosystem is called EthBnt token or EtherBone token. It’s the utility token for facilitating transactions within the Dogdata ecosystem. Pet dog owners and dog breeders are incentivized using EtherBone token especially if they have successfully completed a dog sale contract welfare process. The EtherBone token are also regarding agents for pet dog owner learning processes and the token will also be used to attract good discounts on products purchases and service delivery.


Dogdata is poised towards bringing an end to the different problems within the dog industry, it's offers comprehensive Solutions laced with blockchain peculiarities. Dogdata uses a peer to peer Solution with the aid of smart contract & machine learning to attain a high level of dog welfare.


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