Yield Bank: Simplifying Yield Farming For Everyone

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Do you like to farm new tokens before they are launched? You are not the only one looking for viable solutions that will perfect your yield farming needs.
In this article, I will explain how Yield Bank is reinventing yield farming so that every yield farmer can take their passive income opportunities in the DeFi industry to the next level.

The Concept behind Yield Bank

Yield Bank is creating a new and simplified approach to yield farming in the sense that you can now take advantage of the robust opportunities on the platform to earn more money as a yield farmer.

Here are some of the advanced features that make Yield Bank one of the best yield farming platforms out there:

Asset Allocation and Tracking

You can now track all the transactions accruable to your asset on the broader Yield Bank ecosystem.
The idea is to keep you in the loop of your financial status so you can have your statement of account in real-time.

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Reduced Transaction Fees

Secondly, Yield Bank cuts down on the transaction fees. Unlike Uniswap and Sushiswap pools, you are now confident that you will not spend more money on gas fees because you will spend only a fraction of what you have been spending on the pools.

Yield Bank introduced yGasSaver as an innovative transaction fee reduction tool that will help you spend less on gas fees, especially when you are trading ERC Ethereum-compliant tokens.

Another innovative way of using yGasSaver to save money is by leveraging the compiled transactions that loops all the transactions into one for reduced fees.

Stabilized Market Prices

Currently, there isn’t universal or uniform price of DeFi assets because of some market manipulations perpetuated by the whales.
This is negating the overall submission of Bitcoin to be a globalized payment system that wouldn’t be susceptible to manipulations as is tenable in the traditional/fiat payment systems.
To resolve those issues, Yield Bank is offering the opportunity to take advantage of the irrevocable liquidity provided by its smart contracted-deflationary tokens.
This means that the deflationary tokens (yB and yCASH). Like deflationary tokens are designed to work, the number or supply of the tokens will be reduced over time so that the value or price can aim for the moon.

At the same time, a revolutionary deflationary mechanics of creating hybrid economic models will be used for stabilizing market prices of the tokens in the sense that the LP tokens will be created to serve as marketplace for the derivative token.

All Your Financial Needs Under One Roof
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is here to replace traditional and fiat payment systems. So, more efforts are channeled towards making it a better way of payments.

If you are a DeFi investor, you are now confident that Yield Bank has everything you need under one roof in the sense that you can swap your digital tokens/coins from the built-in Automated Market Marking (AMM) algorithm staking your tokens and having access to your financial transactions from one interface.


Becoming a yield farmer is now easier because Yield Bank has simplified and streamlined the entire process to work better for you.

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