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RE: WE URGENTLY NEED someone who knows GitHub, Busy’s code and SteemConnect

in #blockchainlast year

I think this is something for the people. They are the techy's around here, @coach.piotr. I know they have a discord. You right a post about what you need and they will help if they can. This is all WAY above my head.


Thanks for the suggestion, @fitinfun. I think they're going through enough technical issues with utopion themselves right, so not holding high hopes but you never know, you're right. I need to take a look around.
There are many Busy forks (Utopian kind of, sort of being one as well), so we were hoping that some of the teams behind one of those apps who have already tackled this issue might be of help. Cause they have the code ready.

Actually, I take this back. Anyone who knows what it is regarding and is willing to take a stab is more than welcome.
Thanks again :)

Thank you, @fitinfun. You too :)

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