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RE: Behavior and evolution of cryptocurrencies ten years after its creation / What to expect from them in the future?

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Wooo friend @lishu, you really leave me impacted with your comment, I must tell you that it has no waste.

I think it is necessary that there is a new important innovation within the blockchain space for the market to develop. We saw that the last bullish race was caused by the ICO, which really is a fundamental innovation in the global financing of projects.

I had not thought about that, but if that served as an impulse for the market, something would already emerge that would inject some fuel into the blockchain, at this moment there should be a lot of expert developers trying to innovate in this field to improve it. Pray for something to happen.

On the other hand, this type of stable market keeps away the scammers and the speculator that drags everything down.

An advantage in that aspect.

And another thing that I think is needed for a mature market is to determine which are the viable block chains, because not all are secure and most can be vulnerable to 51% attack.

Certainly, but I think that in the future those that are viable and those that bring the best results will survive.

Thanks for passing.

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