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In a world of over 7 billion people, more than 50% of the population do no savor the benefit of same quality basic map services as other areas. Most of the world map services re rendered by centralized entities which breach people’s data, privacy, etc. However, users want to preserve their security and prevent tracking from unauthorized access. So, providing security is a main issue. Existing security mechanisms are often used but fail to protect user security from service provider.
GoWithMi is the first complete decentralized location-based service blockchain infrastructure designed to address the need to anchor problems of centralized map services. It will employ BFT + DPos as block producing consensus algorithm to support scalable map services and enforce a consistent delegated governance. GoWithMi supports high-performance smart contract with tight integration with location oracles. This project aims to be the first blockchain killer app in the world with over 10 million DAU (Daily Active User) in 2020.
GoWithMi has built a big user base in Indonesia with over 1.1 million users download of its app on mobile device. Indonesia has been at the forefront of blockchain technology. In fact, Indonesia was probably the first country in the region to actively utilize blockchain technology. In January this year, Bank Indonesia (BI) announced plans to launch its own digital currency that is backed by blockchain technology. GoWithMi has partnership with GoJek: The largest O2O service company in Indonesia, Grab: The largest travel-sharing company in Southeast Asia and many big players in the mapping industries.
This project’s roadmap will span to 2020 which plans to develop its public blockchain Q3 2019, expand its market in Asia and more regions. Its targeting about 10,000 DAPPS and 10 Million users on its blockchain.
The GoWithMi team/advisor are specialized blockchain, map industry and Fintech. CEO/founder Amir Dong (Oliver) Li heads the GoWithMi team. From mapping, mobile and big data sector, he has over 20 years of entrepreneurship expertise and has offered a good role of leadership in the industry. He has also successfully exited a company for over 100million RMB called Cennavi which was acquired in 2016 by Blue Focus. Other advisors include economists, finance and IT professionals, Blockchain technologists and e-commerce entrepreneurs, Engineers, Managers and Executives from global corporations such as Quantum Chain Qtum, AMAP, Gowes (Kresna subsidiary), a bicycle-sharing company in Indonesia, Microsoft Bing Map, and more. GoWithMi has received lots of fund from venture funds from Manzi Funds, Ontology, Z Ventures Group and more.
The team is capable of bringing mass adoption of GoWithMi product via partnerships with global enterprises.
WEBSITE: https://www.gowithmi.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://www.gowithmi.com/whitepaper/index.html
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/gowithmi_en
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GoWithMi_GL
MY BTT PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1014481;sa=summary


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