A letter to my facebook friends. Would you switch to another platform if it paid you for your content?

Aren't you sick of being royally effed everyday?


It seems that everyone is sick of social media platforms owning them.

But at the same time there is a sense of apathy about what to do.

Imagine if you were paid a couple of cents or even dollars for the time you spend using facebook.

Or if your LIKE button rewarded someone else for their content?

By now you have decided I'm bonkers or trying to scam you, but hear me out.

It is time to start valuing your time, your content, ideas and PRIVATE INFORMATION.

Don't you think you should at least get some kind of compensation or commission for your contribution to the online community that you are an integral part of?

Yes it does sound like a crazy pipe dream.


That is because we have been groomed to be subservient and grateful to be continually fucked over at every turn.

Most people were aware that their content once uploaded to facebook was no longer their property.

But we just tick the terms and conditions box like a lemming with Stockholm syndrome and say thank you.

We are aware of the fact that we are taking one from Mr Zuckerberg everytime we check in or scroll around, but we are accustomed to getting screwed by The Man.

All aspects of our lives reflect this culture. We are disempower and almost comfortable with it. We tell ourselves, What can we do about it anyway, nothing...

Meanwhile our lives, images, opinions and time, is taken by the fat cats who now own your content to enhance their own wallets.

You are working when using these platforms and raising revenue for someone else.

Facebook was a cool first step towards connecting people. Thanks FB.

But it is becoming more apparent that this era is at an end.

It is time to stop just accepting that you are owned by The Man, and start valuing the time you spend on line.

Your ideas and opinions have value.

Facebook know how valuable the information they gather from you is. At the very least don't you think your privacy should be valued and respected?

Imagine if you had a wallet attached to your account that slowly accumulated cryto cash just for using the site?? What?!
It's true. This is already happening!

A lot of people are already doing this on blockchains such as Steemit.


I've had a steemit account for 2 years.

I share a photo of my day and a little write up and "likes" are equivalent to cash reward, and my engagement is reflected in a figure that depicts my reputation.


Blockchains decentralise the content across multiple servers, which can be established by any user.

Steemit is a combination of social media and blogging.

It utilises crypto currency to reward engagement.

This is real currency that can be traded or converted to old school dollars 😊.

It is floated on the market, so the value of your wallet does fluctuates.

But hey, my facebook account value is zero. Once factoring in the loss of privacy and sale of my content, not to mention time spent without reward, one could argue it is in the negative.

Today I signed up for a new network. ONO.

ONO is launching it's international app on 25th of June.

"Based on blockchain development in ONO, all data is owned by users. The source of all revenue is the user’s attention. (Founder) Ke Xu believes that there is no need for centralized management such as Facebook and Twitter, and she also thinks it’s not necessary for a few people to decide what hundreds of millions of users should do or see."

Extract from ONO international launch.Ono

It looks like an interesting one to watch, and be a part of.
Ke Xu herself appears to be quite the visionary. An incredible young woman, who is already seen great successes.

Find your people, connect and share your ideas, and be rewarded for it.


I've seen amazing things happen.

Start ups, community support, collaborative work, creative connections, online education, philanthropy.

Some people have had incredible financial success, but it is not all about that.

It is about a new playing field in which geographical boarders don't determine someone's worth. In fact those individuals in developing nations can potentially change their circumstances considerably by utilising these post payment platforms.

Everyone has something to contribute to a decentralised online community.

They are not utopias either I will admit that, it is not without it's issues.

We are always going to be people, and people will always dazzle and disappoint in equal measures.

But I do believe decentralised systems and crypto is the way forward. It has already happened.

I have used the word rewarded. It is not the right term. Payment is not about a consolation prize. It's about being appropriately and deservingly recognised, appreciated as a part of the block chain of contributors.

Steemit train courtesy of @azurejasper, permission granted via creative commons

Get on board the steemit train or

Check out ONO's international registration.

Photos not otherwise declared are curtsey of pixabay.


My mail not working atm. Can read but not send. Tried sending 2 messages. 1 the other day. Did as requested, of course <3. Really hurting and trying to utilize peace/calm.

Great write up, and very shareable too! Hope your facebook friends take notice :) I'd share it myself but I gave up on facebook a couple of years back - started using messaging apps for contacting people, which is all I did on FB in the end anyway.

It's funny, for years before I found Steemit, I'd always said people should be seeing some of the enormous rewards the internet has given these multi-national companies. Little did I know it was here almost the entire time! Even if this place doesn't become THE place, it's an idea who's time has come and there's no going back now. Keep it up friend!

I shared it on facebook with a request for feedback. Of my 100s of friends I got 2 likes and no comments. One of those likes was from a steemit friend. Thanks @azizbd 😂

I agree with you. I'm sure I do believe decentralized systems and crypto is the way forward. It has already happened.

We as users should be aware that it is time we do not social media just to express themselves, but also must be recognized and rewarded with rewards system like the one in this Steemit

:), now i have to check ONO :/

Facebook was always the first darling you know? That's what most people started socializing with you know? But it's been cold, boring and even u find it very stupid to post my poems on facebook, whereas, I can post it on steemit and have my ten cent, it's still something, facebook is coming to an end, I tell you

Great thought about crypto and community about different social media..@girlbeforemirror.. I am agree with you for blockchain decentralized characteristics...

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Brilliant post.

I also believe that blockchain based social media, will eventually overcome Facebook and the likes of it.

A true SOCIAL Network run by the people for the people with financial incentives for users and hoster is simply more fair, then a conventional media platform, where all of the profits will wander into the pockets of the host. No incentive means no reason to keep using it, once some problems start to emerge or the next new and hot social app comes out.

However if you participate in the monetary success of said media, you also have a reason to stay and try to improve it.

This is a huge advantage and one of the reasons, I believe in steemit.

We used Facebook from over a decade now and truly we got nothing other than most of the people got addiction for wrong reasons and also few videos related to Birthday and Years of friendship, and nothing else in return. But now we have an platform where our words are wroth something or more than something where we have professionals and non professionals engaging with each others and we have multiple communities and projects which are working towards an Idea successfully and what not, and Steemit inspired others to create platforms which can give value in return for the quality time of People. I will definitely going to check ONO. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

that's a great idea, if Facebook will pay for votes like Steemit would be unstoppable @girlbeforemirror

I suppose it would. It of course would never happen, I wasn't proposing it as a business model to facebook executives 😂. Rather drawing a comparison to other, newer platforms.
Facebook don't even let you control your content, or own your ideas. It would be highly improbable that they would gift those back, along with a new and tradable crypto eff coin funded personally by Zuckerberg I assume, as gratitude for years of patronage.

Most people use facebook because their friends use it, and the circle goes on.
And they are afraid they will lose a lot of friends if they change the platform

Yes, that's true for sure. I think many would also agree that it is a misuse of the term friend. A fb prompt once a year to write a superficial happy birthday does not make for much of a friendship.
I also think adding currency makes people more polite which has it's pros and cons, maybe less likely to share unpopular ideas.
If papa p did a really crappy painting, I wonder how many people would say, good try keep homesteading. The poetry crowd have started some more honest critiquing, but in general people are too scared to stick their head up above the crowd. The opposite can be said of facebook. I have been in illness support groups where people have been attacked.

People will always be people. On or off line we a yet to develop a utopia.

One of the worst things that happened thanks to Facebook (unfortunately they happened) is
a lot of girls took their semi-nude photos and posted online.
It should be called Playbook not, Facebook
As it appeared almost all girls became Playboy starts posting pics in underwear. Even the "good girls" did it.
I actually have broken relationships with girls (now ex-girlfriends) because of it.
But on steemit, things like that can't be seen...

I would not rate someone choosing to show their own skin as one of the worst things about facebook. Censoring that content is more of an issue, and still not the worst of facebook. I have a bigger issue with disgruntled ex boyfriends betraying women by sharing private pictures. As for good girls being rated by how much skin they show, I won't even go there.
As for things not seen on steemit... There is currently a show me your nipple contest underway, and just search nsfw to reveal lots of skin, that would not last one minute on facebook.

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