Kyber (KNC) Target 92,261 Satoshi (169% Profit Potential)

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Here is Kyber (KNC) which represents a probable ground floor opportunity. KNC/BTC is just finishing a beautiful Cup and the Handle formation has not yet started. When is the best time to buy? At the end of an a,b,c correction and that's when often the handle formation coincide. Once the handle is complete, KNC will probably go vertical towards 8-,959 Satoshi and then 92,261 Satoshi for a 169% profit potential.

The KNC/ETH pair is also quite attractive. It too represents a ground floor opportunity and its Cup & Handle formation is at about the same stage as the KNC/BTC pair. The target is 0.01204 ETH or so; likely higher!

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Guys ! the coin being analyzed is KNC which is Kyber Network traded in Binance --look at the img for reference ... KCN (Kencoin) is nowhere to be found ... thnks as always @haejin but please fix typo ;)

edit - @haejin fixed post ... my comment is irrelevant now xD

Its Kyber Network no?


People need to actually read Haejin's excellent posts and do a bit of research themselves instead of blindly looking for dollar charts and inputting a coin or name into their exchange. Also to those of you new to this wonderful world of crypto opportunities look under coinmarketcap to check which exchanges (Markets) trade in each coin or token. To your wealth!

If u check the charts for for knc kyber you can see clearly what he meant though kencoin was apparently tagged by mistake


Can you update XVerge?

Here is his verge update:
"Time has elapsed, pwease wait another week and you should see your pwofit."

I hope so. Cryptos dont let me sleep

Least I'm not the only one gone insomniac over cryptocurrency sometimes I wish it just ran like the stock exchange so I could put my phone down after four or five o'clock lol

How would you sound speaking Korean...probably not too good...

Korean, English, or sign language, the guy speaks bullshit.

Kencoin may be next ethereum or ripple

The chart posted seem of KNC coin from Binance which is Kyber Network coin according to coinmarket cap -

So far I can tell I couldn't find any KCN coin on Binance.

this is gonna be crazy, I cant not keep up with how many new coins I am reading about everyday!

A good time to buy or you can wait a bit?

loving these ground floor opportunities Shi Fu @haejin you've been dishing these bad boys out!
Thank you very very much!

Where is kencoin listed ? cant find it

I have no clue and also would like to know, lol.

I think this is Kyber Network KNC

It is listed on Binance

When is the best time to buy? At the end of an a,b,c correction and that's when often the handle formation coincide.

What does the end of A,B,C correction mean? How long will investors/traders hold their KCN is it a long term investment too?

Anyways, this blog is really helpful, gives the idea on investing to this coin to earn in the future. Keep updating us!

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owenderfull post

i just wanna know who are u? ^^ amazing!!!

Hi bro, can you updage GEO please? it seems it's sinking down : (

This is a wonderful information.i have not hear anything like kencoin until i red your post .the coin has a bright future if am to say.i think i will consider to get some token of it.thanks for sharing.

I wonder what the correction will be

We appreciate your work Haejin!

Thank you sir.
Also, you can purchase this coin on Binance.

I truly appreciate​ your work.Thanks a lot for sharing it.
Upvoted and resteemed

I am holding KhyberNetwork so great to get a price analysis update on this - Thanks! Looks like patience will pay off... also I love what KNC are doing and Vitalik Buterin is an advisor - great stuff!
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.31.52.png

Vitalik has openly said on his twitter that Kyber and OMG are the only two he's actively working on outside of ETH, but it's an old tweet.

Mainnet launch will be good indicator this quarter

Yeah not exactly sure what Ken coin is, the coin in the charts Is Kyber Network coin

@Haejin any chance at seeing an evening update on bitcoin, interesting movement since your last post.

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