Sign-Up for the Hash Rush Alpha!

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It’s finally here, but be swift! It’s first come, first served.

These crystals won’t mine themseleves!

It’s been a few months since we had out pre-alpha (thanks to everyone who took part!) and since then we’ve been hard at work prepping the very best experience for you to get stuck into! That’s why we’re super happy to announce that as of today you’re able to sign up to our alpha!

When can I play the alpha?

The alpha servers will kick into action on the 31st of July and will be live until the 28th of September (yes, you’ve got two months of Ernack-themed fun ahead of you!). In the run-up to this, we’ll be releasing more information on what you can expect in terms of game mechanics, new characters, new buildings and the completely new combat system.

So, is this the finished game?

Not quite — the alpha phase will demo an early testing version and is not representative of the final game. With your help, we’ll undoubtedly find a few areas to tweak and make Hash Rush even more amazing! That’s the whole point of the alpha: to get your feedback on bugs and gameplay issues, and so we actively encourage you to keep in contact with us and let us know what you think!

Wait, what’s missing?

Well, considering this isn’t the final version we want to ensure you’re aware that all Blockchain-related features will not be a part of this build. Also, as most of you are aware — we have three amazing factions that are coming to the game, however, for this alpha — only the Ernacks will be playable (on the plus side, they’re super cute right?).

So, I can’t use my Rush Coin?

No, not just yet. However, your HODLING skills will mean when it does come time to get involved, you’ll be ready-to-go!

What can I expect to find?

Combat: We’ve introduced a whole new combat system to the game. Gone are the days of viewing the Ernacks only as cute, defenceless little balls of pudge. You see, they’re serious about keeping their Crypto Crystal stash safe and are ready to take on whatever the environment throws at them. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new combat units.

A thriving player-driven marketplace: So you know how we said Rush Coin isn’t available in the alpha? Well the marketplace will still be there for you to get acquainted with! So be prepared to gather, trade and sell items (this is your chance to be The Ernack of Wall Street!). To start you off on your journey, we will be providing you with a balance of Rush Coin so that you can get stuck in straight away.

Greatly improved Graphics and UI: Yes, you heard that right! We’ve updated the living, breathing world that your Ernacks will inhabit to not only look beautiful (or shall we say MORE beautiful!), but to also improve the units, buildings and environment models and textures in your new spherical home.

Quests: You didn’t really think we weren’t going to give you quests, did you? We’re excited to show you our questing system and the work that the narrative team have been doing to bring this part of the game universe to life!


As a part of our commitment to quality and working closely with the people who matter the most to us (that means you!), we’re going to run feedback surveys as well as have in-game bug reporting for any issues you encounter. If there are aspects which you don’t agree with, let us have it! We love constructive criticism, so let us know what, why and how. Knowing your honest feelings about Hash Rush is how we will be able to create a game worthy of the Blockchain gaming revolution.

Just remember, this is still a development phase for us and we are actively building and improving Hash Rush!


We’ve tried to answer as much as we can in our alpha FAQs, but if you still cannot find the answer to your question, then please ask on our Discord server, head over to the alpha discussion thread on our official forums, or send an e-mail to us at [email protected].

Thanks — and if you have any comments, there’s an empty text box below this just waiting to hear from you!

-The Hash Rush Team


I just signed up for the alpha and am really excited!
Can the alpha players get a free month of subscription for the final release, that would be a cool incentive for more players to test the alpha build.
Also, do you need any interns? I create games in Unity. Id love to help the HashRush team

Hi @sqamemal, thanks for signing up, hope you're as excited to play as we are to show you the game! In terms of subscription this isn't something we've decided on as of yet, however, could be a cool idea for any future phases ;)

We've got an amazing dedicated team working on the development, however, feel free to send your information over to [email protected] (with any links and a portfolio) and we'll keep you on file.

  • The Hash Rush Team

Ah, more detailed post on what to expect in Alpha. I am wondering how these 1.5 months will pass!!

Do you think because we are all so excited now, that it will feel like forever?

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lekker! just signed up... let's see how it goes ;-)

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