DATUM: Ensuring Safe Data Storage, Reliable Data Sharing and Security

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Datum is a global data exchange company that aims at converting personal data into a tradable commodity. The project which is powered by Ethereum, bigchainDB, and IPFS is based in Switzerland, Hong Kong, the US, China, and Singapore.

Datum is a distributed high-performance NoSQL database backed by blockchain ledger. This particular technology allows users to securely store their personal data (data from a social network, electronic wearables, smart homes, and IOT devices) in an anonymous manner. On the Datum network, users are provided a marketplace where they can trade their data.

Recently, eyebrows were raised when the US government had a question and answer section with Co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, regarding what happens to its users’ data. It turns out that they sell this data to advertisers who pay them huge amounts of money. Since we have little or no knowledge of how or what our data is used for, Datum is here to put us back in control of our data through the blockchain.

#The Network:

Datum Network relies on DAT token for transaction throughout the entire network. To store data on the network, a small amount of DAT token has to be paid. Storage nodes miners receive DAT token for securing and trading data while buyers purchase DAT token to buy users data.


Distributed data storage:

Datum network provides secured, private and anonymous means for storing structured data.

Storage Nodes:

Storage nodes’ miners are paid for the storage and sale of data.


Datum creates a marketplace that allows users to sell their data.
Meanwhile, the Datum concept came to light in 2016 when the founder started seeking for large-scale data storage for IoT devices from medical and smart home departments. This was the background for the setup of the very first concept of structuring unstructured data.

The network achieved a milestone in June 2017 with the release of its whitepaper and concept validation which aided them in their plans of action through feedback from the community. It was in August 2018, that the company had it pre-sale of DAT token which is billed to run till 12 September. During this period a total of 7,200,000 USD worth of DAT token were traded.{link}(https://icobench.com/ico/datum)

Datum attained another height when it launched her Datum demo app. The process went through rigorous testing until June 2017 when the data economy app was released. The network now consists of the decentralized storage layer, Datum App, Open API to secure a spot trade data and a working trading system.

According to the {Datum Q1 2018 update}https://blog.datum.org/datum-q1-2018-update-b48e8e0e3bc6)released on March 23, the network has completed over $100,000 in data exchange among over 90,000 registered users through new 8 partners distributing over 530,000 DAT time across the community. According to the report, it plans to distribute over 1.6million DAT tokens through new partners, as they search for the 100,000th Datum App user, who is bound to receive special rewards.

As the company seeks global recognition, it has added a new another feather to its cap through its exchange listing;
{Airswap}(http://www.airswap.io/trade) - a decentralized token trading platform that is available on any device.
{Joyso}(https://joyso.io/trade/en/markets;token=DAT) - An Ethereum based exchange that offers the speed of a centralized platform and also provides security and privacy for a decentralized exchange.


Latest achievement by Datum includes rising interest from global media platforms and crypto leadership.

Recently, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin had some good words to say about Datum on his personal blog. Datum also featured on BBC in an episode with the title “GDPR: what is it good for?”
The San Francisco (Silicon Valley) night news on ABC7 also wasn’t left out of the act and Mexico Cambio magazine also featured the CEO, Roger Haenni in their April issue to sum up the progress the Data management company has made so far.

Meanwhile, 1 Datum token currently sells at $0.04 and you can trade with Ethereum as 1 ETH equals 10,000 DAT token.<

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