Mapping The World With Blockchain?

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The blockchain technology provides unlimited possibilities for productivity in the community. The dynamic circulation of its value and the way of value transfer also takes a role in promoting intelligent social resources of the community. The combination of the real economy and the decentralized location-based service will also accommodate its succession rate.

However, not all of the regions can acquire such a quality map. Some of these regions cannot rely on map service provides such as Google Maps because of global employment limitation. Even though almost all of the corporations and apps using location-based service providers, its centralized system works by taking away high-value data for free, then they firmly control the commercial line along with its privacy.

To overcome this problem, GoWithMi was created and the project takes a different method using blockchain technology. By creating a consensus map system, every people will be able to connect with each other by maintaining a world map data book seamlessly.

GoWithMi Project

GoWithMi aims to provide a trusted geospatial value exchange service ranging from data commerce to ecological commerce and make the value become safer and smarter so it can be applied to empower the real economy application. Its service is to provide access to applications such as taxi ordering, goods and food delivery, room reservations, social network and even games using a decentralized service.

The platform will be the first platform that applies a decentralized location-based services (DLBS) infrastructure. The use of Blockchain Technology will be able to bypass the centralized internet model, especially for developing countries so they can be redirected to the landmark economy and distributed business civilization.

GoWithMi Distributed Map Overall Composition

  • A collaborative real-time mapping with a decentralized manner and consensus driving data production allows for global coverage, real-time, lower services and always available map services to support next-generation infrastructure services.
  • The community-based governance also fully on chain, which then includes an economic model consist of virtual land rights with full physical mapping.
  • The result of the running system driven by blockchain will result in full-interest sharing and incentivizing users to build real-time maps within a decentralized platform. Users are virtual landlords, allowing new models that are built atop with full ecological benefits.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Decentralized Location-Based Services (DLBS)
    GoWithMi system will make the core of ecosystem-geolocation service based on the internet to become fully decentralize, and make it as the core component of the entire blockchain network. The blockchain can also be invoked by various upper-layer applications of the Internet and blockchain networks.
    All data and services are run on GoWithMi’s "spatial computing blockchain network, Gaia". Gaia can realize storing full data on the chain, considers the decentralization of the POW and the high efficiency of the EOS, though it can access to equal rights mining of all objects and being able to resist "mining pool control".

  • Super Spatial Oracle
    GoWithMi super spatial oracle links "untrusted" world outside the blockchain to the "trusted" world on the blockchain by providing a "trusted gateway mechanism” of the original blockchain. It requires all smart contracts related to location-based services, linking the two different worlds on and off the chain with “trusted” mechanism.
    This can provide a trigger response of trusted location-based data for smart contracts, allowing programmable network machine of Turing-complete, which is represented by Ethereum to seamlessly integrate with an offline business, actively promote the rapid development of location-related distributed industries, allowing the offline business to fit into an era of programmable business.

  • Consensus Map
    GoWithMi Consensus Map allows people in any corner of the world can jointly maintain a “world map data book” without any threshold by creating the first series of “spatial consensus mechanism”.
    By applying the consensus game mechanisms such as POM (Proof of Mapping) and Spatial Bancor, the platform also solve the core problems of map industry including cooperative production, auto supervision and value evaluation, breaking the boundaries of human labor organizations, allowing people to jointly build, maintain, and share a “world map” without any thresholds, and providing contributors with a fair return.

Project Roadmap

Token Information

Token: GMAT
Type: Utility
Price: 1 GMAT = 0.006 USD
MVP / Prototype: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Country: Singapore
Whitelist/KYC: None
Restricted areas: USA

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