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Our bodies are perfectly created in the various activities we live in, but sometimes we unknowingly ignore the condition of our bodies, we often experience less fit. That's why we need activities that can help the body's performance to get the maximum state. One of them is by doing sports. Sport is a systematic process that can take the form of activities to develop the physical and spiritual potential of some people or groups.

To get the maximum sports activities, people need some sort of planner to schedule sports, also to find a good sports venue, while the problem is people this era just have a little time to look for sports venues.

The BEAT Blockchain is hosting health and activity data of Data Provider and Data Consumer alike, the verification of such data, keeping track of transferred BEAT Tokens, supporting the offering of BEAT Contracts, their acceptance as well as the execution of BEAT Contracts.

The blockchain and the token to be used for consuming services on the blockchain is labeled with the prefix BEAT. BEAT stands for a heartbeat. Every living being on earth has approximately the same number of heartbeats. Therefore, small animals with a higher number of heartbeats have a shorter lifespan than large animals. The human being managed to almost double the number of his heartbeats by medical and nutritional improvements.


The project aim at increasing it further by enhancing the possibilities for health and sports use cases with the BEAT Universe. It is not only the increase of a lifespan they were aiming at, it is also the additional well-being and additional enjoyment in sports and a healthy lifestyle can mean for each human being.

How The Platform Works?

The BEAT Blockchain will enable the user to store his verified sports health and activity data anonymously and encrypted in the Blockchain. Only the user will have truly comprehensive access to his data. The user can autonomously decide if he wants to become a Data Provider by sharing specific data based on a contractual agreement with future Data Consumers. The Data Consumer only gets access to the data as agreed in the contract and for the sole purpose defined in the contract. The Data Consumers will appreciate such ease of access to verified and unchangeable data.


This concept will require “trusted third parties” (TTP) like management software for various health and sports providers, apps, smartwatches, fitness trackers, digitally enabled equipment, gyms, clinics, physicians, trainers, etc., tracking, verifying and storing the health and activity data of the user in the BEAT Blockchain. This verifying and storing will require extensions and modifications to those systems already existing, enabling the owner of the data, i.e. the user, to store his data safely in the BEAT Blockchain under his control.

A multitude of electronic gym equipment will be able to identify the sportsperson based on his connection to the BEAT Blockchain and store his health and activity data accordingly. It is planned that Magicline and NoExcuse will cooperate with all suppliers to make this as seamless as possible.

The electronic training plan will define type, length, and intensity of the planned activities in the gym. If the sportsperson does not or cannot use the gym equipment to verify his sports activities he will be able to have the trainer confirm his training.

BEAT Token

The BEAT Token is the equivalent of a ticket which gives the owner access to a certain amount of services on the BEAT Blockchain.

Every time a Data Consumer accesses health and activity data on the BEAT Blockchain he pays to the BEAT Foundation and the Trusted Third Party a to be defined amount of BEAT Tokens. The costs for access to anonymous data in the BEAT Blockchain will be much lower than those for personalized data.

To see your ERC-20 based BEAT Token in your wallet just add the BEAT Token with these details:

Token Contract Address:0x2fb12bccf6f5dd338b76be784a93ade072425690
Token Symbol:BEAT

Check out for the Token Price Simulation for BEAT Token:

Fundraised Allocation

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