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Hello Newbians! We're back again with another cool ICO review.
This time, we will try to break down a Danish company that has expertise in shipping and the blockchain technology. Which then create a really cool Kickstarter project for the shipping industry, Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP).


The shipping industry is one of the largest industry to deal with. Almost all of the trades of goods is using the sea as its media. The ability to send in a massive size, whether it could be in the form of containers or even bulk carriers from port to port all around the globe. Ports and shipping industry held an important role in the international trade and business sector, such as export and import activities using containers by sea.

But yet, a lot of problems often encountered during the operations of the process. According to CPVMFG, there are a few of the biggest challenges today's shipping industry is expected to experience, such as:

Environmental Regulations

The regulations offer to create the better future living by restricting the environmental emissions regulations. This is good for the long run, however, for the short-term, it could lead to a really big problem for the shipping industry. The need for certain technologies to emit a "clean" technology for future living costs a lot of funds to create. While most of these new technologies aren't fully reliable and haven't been universally approved.

Security Risk

The classic challenge that always been an obstacle to the shipping industry is the security threat. There has been an increase in the maritime piracy reports by the year 2017. According to Marsecreview, "Pirates and armed robbers attacked 43 ships and captured 58 seafarers in the first quarter of 2017, slightly more than the same period last year, according to the latest ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) piracy report."

Rising Costs

The rising costs of necessary materials and the need for transporting as many items as possible could lead to the overcapacity of the containers. The overcapacity of the vessels' cargo can lead to the longer dwelling time. This can cause an inefficient of time during the process of loading and unloading of the containers on the port.

... so, what's the solution to all of those problems?

Blockshipping project delivers solutions to those problems by creating the GSCP platform. The platform will become the first real-time registry for more than 27 million containers of all owners in the container shipping industry. It also will enable all players to perform various transactions and activities related to the container handling.

Activities such as interactions between sender and receiver, port hubs, insurance companies, and other parties will be recorded in the smart contract then stored in the blockchain for future use.

Revenue Share Process

The GSCP is designed to be a key role in container handling process, thus makes it more efficient and it could solve some of the most important issues in the industry. By making a registry of the containers (such as the ships) with a real-time location technology, the platform will easily add/remove containers from the collected shared pools.

In other hands, the platform can assign a predictive algorithm for repositioning empty containers. Thus, the process will quicken the time of logistic activities in the shipping industry.

Now for the TokenSale, the GSCP ICO involves the issuance of two tokens:

  1. Container Platform Token (CPT) / The internal utility token; for those who use the Blockshipping services (will be fixed at $1/token) and,
  2. Container Crypto Coin (CCC) / The external revenue token; for the token holders of revenue generated by Blockshipping operations (0.62$/token or equivalent in ETH/BTC).

No soft cap would be issued during the ICO, the hard cap is around 40 million tokens ($25 million) with a minimum investment of $100 (ETH and BTC accepted).

For more information of the Token Sale, simply visit the Blockshipping website or fetch some questions to the telegram group.


The shipping industry will always be resilient to the problems, and Blockshipping project is the solution to overcome those and future challenges that come its way.

For more information, check out on the following Social Media:


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Versatility, practicality, and friendliness of the project give broad financial prospects for all

Thank you for following me. I too follow you

Thank you, much appreciated.

Blockshipping is good project for industry shipping

Yes, a lot of problems can be found in the shipping industry (especially on the container handling). I hope this project can be a solution to overcome the problems.

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