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Hello Newbians! On this time we'll discuss one of the coolest blockchain ICO projects, Root Blockchain.

For those of you who have long been involved in blockchain technology, we already know that this ingenious invention became the world's greatest invention in the 21st century. The ability to overcome the "middlemen" problem between the buyers and sellers is one of many egression that this technology can give. The technology works in a way by allowing digital information to be distributed (but not copied), blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet.


But even though this technology is well-used by a lot of people lately, there are always some problems that can cause anxiety to the parties who just involved into this.

Some of the major anxieties caused by the following problems, which are summarized by Root Blockchain, such as:

  1. Complexity - The blockchain technology is a new invention, which frequently uses many (almost entirely) new vocabulary.
  2. Blockchain size - The current blockchain size becomes a problem because of the full node must store all of the transactions that ever happened on the blockchain. This will cause the downgrade of the speed of the operations on the blockchain.
  3. Transaction data size - The increase of blockchain size will surely affect the increase of the cost per-transactions.
  4. Prohibitive cost - The high cost of the blockchain has prohibited many of the users to adopt blockchain technology.
  5. Confusion of beginning - Because of the complexity that this breakthrough invention, the major drawback of it is confusion regarding where to begin, especially on how to integrate blockchain to the daily IT infrastructure.

Hmm, so how we can enjoy the usefulness of the blockchain technology? That's where Root Blockchain Project kicks in!

Root Blockchain Solution

Root Blockchain is a project that developed by an expert team who have a deep knowledge of the blockchain technology. The creation of Root Blockchain is the solution caused by the negative patterns of the current blockchain.


The project was created with its unique offering to overcome those problems above. Below are some of the breakthrough that this project's offers:

  1. Resolve complexity via Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) - The project offers the first hybrid blockchain with flexible options for both enterprises and retail customers, which make an easy-to-use platform.
  2. Resolve the blockchain size - Root will keep the blockchain size small by using a unique mechanism, so only cryptographic hashes of data are stored in the blockchain.
  3. Low transaction cost - The user can choose whether to keep/store their data since a transaction cost is directly proportional to the volume, so they can keep their transactions cost low.
  4. Keep data confidential - The user also can choose their data to be not publicly available.
  5. Resolve transaction data size - Because of the Root Blockchain is completely API driven, that means businesses can gather the benefits of the blockchain technology without the accompanying complexity and costs involved. Just connect and get going.

The next article to be discussed is how this project works, so always stay tuned!

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wow this is great about the future of blockchain technology

Surely! This new breakthrough can eliminate the old perceptions of the blockchain complexity and its excessive price.

The article is nice and very helpful to me. good project in the future.

Thank you! You can also find this article on my website ->

Thank you! For more information about the project, simply go to Root Blockchain website ->

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