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The world has seen the increase in adoption of blockchain technology, just as it has seen as much significant blockchain fraud cases.

Frequently, close to the end of the first quarter of the year, there were roughly 24 million blockchain wallet cryptocurrency users globally. Yet, with its reputation became its exposure to fraudulent ventures. In the year 2014, Mt Gox, which is a cryptocurrency exchange platform for cryptocurrencies, which was hacked for the second time with over 850,000 bitcoins. In the year 2016, Bitfinex, also one of the famous cryptocurrency exchange, suffered a loss of about 120,000 bitcoins or 808 million USD in today’s present value. Just January this year 2018, the Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck lost about 500 million NEM coins or 550 million USD as it was worth back then

As most of the available implementations are Not enough to combat security threats leads to the emergence of the disruptive ATOMIC WALLET.

the Atomic Wallet is a crop-up cryptocurrency exchange platform, which is setted to metamorphose the aspect of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. This atomic wallet is a platform for custody free, transparent crypto-trading, which allows users to reduce the effort expended on managing crypto assets. In order for users to be comfortable and comfortable to trade, the development team uses the best user interfaces and security methods, which facilitates the use of the platform functionality in full.

The wallet's functionality is built on SPV technology (simplified payment), which allows customers to avoid long blockchain synchronization while maintaining security. Keys are stored in encrypted form on the end-user device or hardware wallet (for example, Ledger, Trezor). Keys can be copied with a code phrase for all currencies represented on the platform or using the string format for each currency.

AtomicWallet allows users to:

1. Get crypto assets in a generated wallet.

2. Import assets into the wallet using secret keys of various formats.

3. Store secret keys in a secure, encrypted environment.

4. Transfer assets to other addresses

5. Select a cryptocurrency node for use.


Atomic Swap technology is the best among the rest, because even inside the client of the exchange, control over private keys is retained.

Added advantage of DOB

A distributed book (DOB) is a way of presenting market offerings in a decentralized way. DOB is based on the BitTorrent protocol.

Atomic DOB is an immutable and decentralized solution designed to transmit information about transactions among users of the Atomic wallet platform.

An order is an offer, not an obligation. Creating an order, the client sends an ad for future trading. When it comes time to trade, the client can avoid processing the transaction if he so wishes. He faces a moderate decline in his rating in the event of failure to trade. Placing orders with Atomic Wallet does not block customer funds. If the orders do not match between the two traders, the funds are not moved. The order can be executed in several transactions.

Offline traders can not trade. If the user logs out of the Internet or closes the wallet application, the order becomes invisible to other traders.

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