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Blockchain Technology has sparked substantial interest in recent years with a central focus being on the decentralized payment systems. A lot of interest in Blockchain Technology has been attributed to its merits of distributed ledger, value transfer, and resilience to fraudulent activities. 

Thus, every successful blockchain platform is focused on solving a unique problem, whether it’s privacy, fungibility, governance, etc. Ethereum technology provides the option of registering any transaction with any assets on the basis of smart contracts and blockchain, without applying traditional legal procedures. The Climatecoin project has the idea of using blockchain technology to improve the system of carbon-asset transactions and provide development for renewable energy-source trade platforms.

However, the ENCRYBIT EXCHANGE emerges to provide a simple and secure platform to guide users through their cryptocurrency trading journey and enable them enable them to exchange their various crypto asset effectively. It is essential for a complete platform like this to exist. THE ENCRYBIT PLATFORM based on research provides the most secure options for buying, transferring, exchanging, and receiving digital assets. 

Most of the available platforms that offer the purchase of cryptocurrency tend to have extended wait times for new member activations, even longer wait times for an exchange, unheard of fees, and numerous security issues as well as lack of liquidity and trading volumes. Many exchanges are designed by programmers who have little or no experience in exchange operations and frameworks. They often choose the simplest approach to get the network running, while this way work in the beginning, as traffic grows, the system will not be able to handle the increased traffic and will be susceptible to being hacked. 

Encrybit is a research based cryptocurrency exchange which is created to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform in the market. The platform been built Simple but with a strong and meaningful infrasture, the platform is aimed to be an exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency Community.

ENCRYBIT will create a unique and efficient ecosystem by combining several necessary elements of cryptocurrency into one advanced platform to allow users have a seamless experience exchanging their crypto assets. The well secure exchange provided by encrybit is built for real-world applications and mass adoption. The encrybit platform will provide a secure and easy to use gateway ecosystem for both new and veteran crypto investors alike to smoothly and effectively exchange their crypto assets.

Since encrybit started the development of its ecosystem with evaluating the problems that plagues the market, they understand the fact that responsiveness and simplicity are the highest form of sophistication in the trading market and they will be providing their users and customers with just that. they are dedicated and highly responsive to the needs of their users with multilingual support of numerous languages without unnecessary delays by providing a 24/7 customer service option through multiple communication channels. they take the satisfaction of their users very seriously and our goal is to provide everyone with a seamless trading experience while being responsive to their needs. 


The ENCX Token is the utility token of Encrybit exchange platform. it is developed on the Ethereum Blockchain based ERC20 standards. ENCX will be utilized during the ICO, as a medium of exchange, and also coin listing. The Encrybit exchange platform will allocate 10% of the net profit in order to the buyback ENCX tokens every quarter, after the exchange must have fully launched. 

Token Symbol: ENCX

Token Type: Utility

Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Total Supply: 200,000,000 ENCX

Circulating Supply:  172,800,000 ENCX

Token Price: $0.2 USD

Soft Cap: $5,400,000 USD

Hard Cap: $32,400,000 USD

Accepting: ETH, BTC

Token Available for Private Sale: 27,000,000 ENXC

Private sale Ends: 3-12-2018




WEBSITE : https://encrybit.io/

WHITEPAPER : https://encrybit.io/pdf/encrybit-wp-v1.pdf

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/enbofficial

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/encrybitofficial/

MEDIUM : https://medium.com/@enbofficial/

STEEMIT : https://steemit.com/@encrybit

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/encrybit



LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1328628