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Blockchain is the buzzword of the moment, but the hype around the technology is warranted. To put it simply, blockchain is a fundamental rethinking of how data is tracked online. Instead of recording data in a traditional database, blockchain technology uses a distributed ledger (essentially a transparent, yet secure record of transactions) and consensus algorithms to store data in a decentralized manner. The end result is that this gives consumers more control over their data, while giving organizations new ways to use that data. At its core, blockchain operates on a trustless principle that ensures no central authority has to be in place in order for a transaction (financial or otherwise) to take place successfully. For many consumers, blockchain is already proving to be a guarantor of security and trust that previously hasn’t existed between brands and consumers.

As cryptocurrency is the number one underlying application of the blockchain technology, it provides a secure method of making transactions with digital currencies with the help of the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology. However, the adoption and the use of cryptocurrency is still very low which the major factor that contribute to this is the various platform which provides a medium for the exchange of these currencies. 

Most of the available cryptocurrency exchanges are faced with a lot of problem which make the trading of cryptocurrencies tedious as well setting back the mass adoption of the blockchain technology at large. These problems include; the centralized nature of most exchanges where all the data of the exchange and users are being saved on a central data base making the entire platform vulnerable in a situation of any system failure. The major exchanges we have today has experienced severe hack leading to loss of multimillion assets. Aside the security issues, most of these exchanges charges a lot of fee for transactions taking place on their platform.

All the outlined inconveniences lead to the invention of many exchanges which is geared at providing solutions but so far their solutions have been insufficient. However, ENCRYBIT EXCHANGE emerges to provide a super-hybrid exchange to give consensual power back to cryptocurrency investors and traders regarding their crypto trading transactions and processes.

The encrybit EXCHANGE is built with high performance engine as virtually all the available exchanges are faced with the problem of having a low-end design capacity to process the various transactions taking place on the exchange. The ENCRYBIT exchange trading system will uses a well accelerated and highly efficient memory matching engine that is capable of sustaining millions orders per second. Having this high performance engine guarantees zero delay or lag throughout the whole order and transaction execution process and thus, this will make encrybit one of the fastest exchanges in the exchange market. With encrybit, you can be rest assured that your orders will never be delayed due to the matching engine being bombarded with trades. 

The strength, resilience and competitiveness of the ENCRYBIT EXCHANGE lies in its powerful research and development team that ensures top notch stability, robustness and quality of service to bring about the utmost satisfaction of the entire crypto community. The ENCRYBIT EXCHANGE is creating a promising and prosperous future for the blockchain technology as well as its underlying applications through the creation of a platform with massive long term and large scale ecosystem to provide quality of service operations.


• High Security: Encrybit exchange offers users with top notch security, and uses ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 27001:2013 CSS (Cyber security standards) and CCSS (cryptocurrency security standards) for platform infrastructure. ISO/IEC 27001 specifies a management system to bring information security under management manifest control.

• Transparency: The Encrybit exchange will make every operationcarried out on the platform transparent to every user, such as coin listing process, trading fee structure, airdrops and Bounties.

• Withdrawal Fees: Encrybit exchange makes it possible for traders to pay 50% less if you pay your fees with the ENCX Tokens.

• Multilingual Support: Unlike so many other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, the Encrybit exchange will support so many languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Italian. New language support will be included depending on the number of users from a particular country. The Default Language of the Encrybit exchange will be English.

• Modern User Interface: Encrybit exchange has a well designed User interface that makes the trading experience enjoyable and convenient for Traders. The Encrybit UI/UX promises a trading experience like no other.


Token Symbol: ENCX

Token Type: Utility

Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Total Supply: 200,000,000 EN

CXCirculating Supply:  172,800,000 ENCX

Token Price: $0.2 USDSoft Cap: $5,400,000 USD

Hard Cap: $32,400,000 USD


  • 50% of Tokens for sale
  • 2% Referrals and Bounties
  • 2% Advisor
  • 11% Encrybit
  • 10% Founder
  • 10% of Initial Investors
  • 5% Team
  • 10% of ongoing development funds


  • 30% Development
  • 25% marketing
  • 15% Administrator and Support
  • 13% Security and Audit
  • 2% legal
  • 15% reserve