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Unless you’ve been living under the rocks, you would have heard about the blockchain technology. blockchain can revolutionize every sphere in our life. Digital currencies were the first ever application of blockchain technology, arguably without realizing its true potential. The real benefits of blockchain were realized with its possible application in many different industries. Since then a number of use cases of blockchain technology in different industries have been proposed including but not limited to finance, the Internet of Things, digital rights management, government, ecology, transport, and law.

It is believe that the success of the blockchain technology is attributed to its underlying application of cryptocurrency which provide a digital currency which can be used for performing a secure transaction across the globe without the barrier of locations. However, the mass of adoption of cryptocurrency as means of payment for financial transactions has been limited so far due to nature of the available infrastructures. Price volatility, inability of the networks to scale large amount of users, high fees and the centralized nature with poor architectural designed of the various exchanges and wallet available for managing cryptocurrencies are believing to be the major setbacks limiting the adoption of this technology.

Basically, exchanges are platforms which serves as a marketplace where the entire buying and selling of the cryptocurrencies take place. Most of these exchanges are centralized which means that there is a central server where all the activities are been stored. The stories of centralized exchanges been hack is everywhere which is cause by any security failure in the database leading to loss of millions of investments.

In a turnaround attempt, the ENCRYBIT EXCHANGE emerges to create an all in one platform to give both new cryptocurrency users as well old investors a secure, seamless decentralized exchange to save, trade and exchange various cryptocurrencies.

The ENCRIBIT exchange is a research based end cryptocurrency exchange which is geared at creating a trading ecosystem with all the needed element and features for smooth, secure, and effective trading of cryptocurrencies for the entire crypto community.

Encrybit exchange emerges with aim to raise the standard of expectation across the cryptocurrency community and to deliver a world class experience with an exceptionally powerful trading engine, active platform development with an easy to use user interface. The platform emerges to tackle the various issues that span the industry and the platform is dedicated to giving its user base a streamline experience throughout their trading process.

The most important thing investors and traders give much concern to is the security of the exchange, the Clients are guaranteed the highest level of security because ENCRYBIT employ a strong encryption and custody free-solution ecosystem to give a top notch secured exchange for the crypto community at large. The platform security is being handled by the top security expects available in the market. The platform’s security is highly guaranteed because all the data entered when transacting with the blockchain will be fully encrypted, local data is secured with AES and the data obtained while interacting with the blockchain is secured with TLS asymmetric encryption.


• DEMO TRADING: This feature will allow users to trade on the Encrybit platform with virtual currencies, giving them the opportunity to practise different trading startegies and also explore the platform

• STOP LOSS: This feature makes it possible for users to set trailing stop losses on their trades

• MULTI-CHART LAYOUT: This feature makes it possible for traders to monitor different trading pairs on the same window. No need for minimization.

• SCREENSHOT AND SHARE: With this feature you can screenshot your current trading window

• CHAT AND DISCUSS: This feature allows traders to chat and discuss about trades and strategies

• PROFIT AND LOSS REPORTS: Traders will be able to see the profit and loss reports presented in Business format.

• SMART ALERTS: This feature allows traders to set notifications on price changes.


Token Symbol: ENCX

Token Type: Utility

Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Total Supply: 200,000,000 ENCX

Circulating Supply:  172,800,000 ENCX

Token Price: $0.2 USD

Soft Cap: $5,400,000 USD

Hard Cap: $32,400,000 USD













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