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On a planet that’s excitedly interested in the boom and trend of cryptocurrency investment, thereby posing an increasingly important reason why AAT has brought a trusted system capable of accommodating everyone’s investment and asset while ensuring a simpler, efficient, and more accessible management.


The Asset Allocation Token Network is a comprehensive cryptocurrency-asset investment management solution which offers users a smart, quick and easy way to manage all their cryptocurrency investment portfolios and ICOs from a single platform. In addition to handling the conventional cryptocurrencies like Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, and so on, AAT users can as welldiscover the right ICOs to invest in, keep the tokens and conclude on the ideal way to manage or trade them.

The Asset Allocation Token platform is reimbursed by the whole sector of AAT community including cryptocurrency users, investors, traders, expert analysts and other industry professionals. AAT will be offering professional expertise and a variety of tools for participants to analyze the assets, markets and make decisions on their own. These tools will serve as a supplement to other services like real-time market updates, trading signals, trading strategies established by some of the iconic traders and analysts.

AAT platform is such that every user is at liberty to create their own products and strategies and offer it to the community via upcoming AAT marketplace. The whole AAT ecosystem is managed and powered by its traditional token  (AAT) which serves as a utility token that's usable in exchange for products and services with the same platform. AAT is on its way to getting listed on some of the influential exchanges at the end of the token sale, thereby giving users the opportunity to use them with and outside AAT ecosystem.

Why Choose AAT
AAT’s platform provides every user with an incredible and straightforward approach to deal with the greater part of your ICOs and Cryptocurrency platform under a separate stage with all other requirements. This platform also creates an obvious room for participants to step up your game and take their cryptocurrency innovation to a significant level. AAT Token Generation Event (TGE) comes with various benefits for members. As for new investors, AAT provides them with a safe and time-smart answer to straightforwardly enter the energizing world of crypto resource venture. Setting up a compiled crypto portfolio is more easier than imagined with AAT platform.

The platform's vision a d objective is to bring the portfolios of cryptocurrency at standard with it competitor alternatives such as ETFs by enabling an administrative framework that licenses simple, and comprehensive extension of many cryptocurrencies and ICOs, fast liquidity, and strong security.

Features of AAT
Identify Opportunity: AAT is on it move to ensure bringing about the largest selection of cyrptocurrency assets, that way, one can focus on making smart investment decisions instead of administering your investment.

Monitor Performance: This platform has the ability to enable users check the status of their portfolios thereby keeping track of individual asset performance.

Customize Portfolios:With AAT, all you have to do is simply set allocations while AAT does the rest.

Advantages of AAT
It’s no longer a news Asset Allocation Token (AAT) stands as a Token Utility for a brilliant future investmentmanagement and benefits its users by ensuring a smart and easy way to manage all of their ICOs and Cryptocurrencies portfolio under a single platform with all the professional personnel and requirements needed.

• Liquidity: It's proprietary liquidity engineprovide users with an assurance of order completion and ability to withdraw.

• Simple and Easy: With AAT, a thorough technical know how of the marketplace or handling multiple complex wallets and exchange is not necessary as it will be managed in one place, shortly and effectively.

• Flexibility: It has the ability to manage a diverse cyrptocurrency investment assets to lessen your risk.

• User Friendly: One of AAT’s aim is to make every step of crypto investment easy with an easy-to-use platform as well as a straightforward educational series.

• Highly secured: It Blockchain technology and decentralized architecture is designed to make sure of a secured crypto assetsinvestment.

• Ticker:AAT
• Platform:Ethereum
• Token Type:ERC20
• Available for sale:27,000,000 AAT (60%)
• ICO Price:1 AAT = 0.90 USD
• Accepting:BTC, ETH, LTC
• Soft cap:5,000,000 USD
• Hard cap:27,000,000 USD

Token sales is on now, below is how you can buy AAT token


The CEO RUTVIK LAKHWALA is a crypto-enthusiast with records of great leadership and spearheading of multiple ventures, he has gathered a well-qualified team with different fields and experiences in International Business Management, Project Managemen, tBanking& Finance, Health, Medical, Telecom, Print & Advertisement and more! We are certain of a success in this project


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