GSENetwork: The Decentralized Trust Network for Sharing Economies

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As a result of improvement and development in the global technology, there exist various platforms for everyday life convenience and ease without having to go through the frustrating old methods. One of these platforms is the GSE network, a technologically built platform for economic framework which is commonly referred to as a peer to peer related activities which help in the distribution, provision, and acquisition of opportunities to commodities, goods and services and so on, that its facilitation comes from a platform which is community oriented.


GSENetwork, a transparent and protected network designed for decentralized economies. This network was evolved with the sole aim to bridge trust gaps between the digital basis and the real world by designing a decentralized trust network from scratch up to a significant level. GSENetwork sets out to measure each user’s digital routine and behavior into a Trust Score by monitoring the true interaction of humans and physical assets, one which the user is empowered to influence.

With all these intriguing benefits accompanied by this process, there exist some stumbling blocks which in turn appears to be a source of concern for all the platforms involved in this network. For a more comprehensive and usable process of this service, the solution had been compiled in a new platform which is trusted and decentralized network that is meant for the sharing of economics known as GSENetwork.

Why GSENetwork

The GSE blockchain-platform is a global database of a whole lot of alcoholic beverages, in such a way that it permits users to swiftly decide on a quality product that suits their taste preferences. Over time, gathering information has been somewhat daunting, but as it is, it comes to a lot easier as you can now get a whole product content information, all a consumer will just have to do is place his smartphone over the NFC-label attached to the bottle. GSE is always there to guide customers in making the right choices without needing to get to the store. Besides, buyers can at the same time cross-check the authenticity of the product by simply placing his or her smartphone over the NFC-tag. One more interesting fact about this platform is that every user will be rewarded for writing a review of the purchased beverage and handing over the used packaging at a designated recycling point. Hence, the platform conducts a follow-up to the buyer before and after the product purchase, thereby encouraging his activity within the system.

The problems that GSENetwork is created to solve:

In our findings come the discovery of dilemma of many other platforms that are engaged in the economic sharing, in that stead, GSENetwork has been able to correct quite a number of these dilemmas which are as follows;

• Monopoly: The inability to put risks to check and also the issue of monopoly is part of those researched dilemmas that have been resolved in the new platform.

• GSENetwork is planning to employ a comprehensive, straightforward, and secure network that is managed by the technology of blockchain.

• The introduction of D-Service (Decentralized Service): We have put in place this D-Service as it will in no doubt help in the construction of system that can repel fraud, building of system which is multidimensional in such a way it will be able to monitor and as well rate the profiles of users and a price-enhancing system.

• The inbuilt mechanism: this platform has an inbuilt mechanism for usage which helps to allow for transactions that are on-chain, and as well ensure that participant in GSENetwork is rewarded for all authentic and successful transaction.



Token: GSE

Pre ICO Price: 1 ETH = 7,857 GSE

Price: 1 ETH = 5,500 GSE

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH, BTC

Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH

Soft cap: 3,818 ETH

Hard cap: 49,090 ETH

Country: Cyprus

ICO ended successfully already trading on, bit-Z and FCoin



Of a truth, the best bet for a decentralized trust network for a sharing economy is the GSENetwork.

To be sure of picking the right, authentic and most befitting choice, you no longer need to consider the picture as the tag will give you everything you need to know about the alcohol, all of this is made easy and accessible by the GSENetwork application. An investment that not be missed!


GSENetwork pulls an outstanding team that are well experienced and versatile in required fields to make this project a success. Visit this link to have a full detail on the team


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