KITTOKEN: The Future of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

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The global financial eco-system has developed rapidly to the extent that blockchain technology has taken the second-to-the-last position as the driving force. The present case of developing innovate technology like blockchain technology, improvement in fintech, effective, fast, protected, dependable and inexpensive cash transfer and also the use of cryptocurrency by the populace. It's high time the financial industry embraced the imminent development as the way forward which is why the kittoken platform has emerged to take the lead in achieving all of these.

What is kittoken

KitToken is an innovatory platform on the blockchain technology which is centered towards developing a flexible, efficient, and effective financial ecosystem. It was built to leverage on the special characteristics of the blockchain which comprises, openness, immutability as well as decentralization. The KitToken is designed be transferred directly on peer to peer basis such that an intermediary wont be intermediary needed.Besides, KitToken is meant to employ reliabe, secured and fast cash transactions all over the world on its ecosystem. This is of course a tangible transformation in the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology.It mission is to become the central provider while fortifying communities of all varieties and giving them the opportunity deserved to achieve high in the blockchain technology.

KitToken is subjected to bring about a reliable and stable and long-lasting financial eco-system on the blockchain platform. The KitToken platformmakes use of the value transfer protocol to actualize the transfer of payments from one user to the otherwithout an intermediary. It pursuit is also tobuild a decentralized platform for making sure of a faster and efficient transactions globally. Also, it utilizes the world's most reckoned security systems to ensure faster and more secured financial ecosystem.

Why kittoken
KITPAY is an indeed special technology constructed by the KitToken team with the aim of bringing about an efficient, and effective cash transaction in the future. KitPay was established to accomodate the high demands for new, quicker and dependable currency for payments.

How does KitPay Work?
It functions simply as centralized server in the middle of a decentralized blockchain building in relation to the network. KitPay allow holders to have their personal wallet that's capable of storing, transferring, and trading KitToken in everyday's standard economic scenarios. KitToken users benefit from easy use and increase of KitToken value. On top of that,KitToken users can get profit sharing from KitToken Inc. business activities using the Point of Stake (POS) Scheme.

Features ok KitToken

The whole essence of designing and developing this platform was to profer solutions to the traditional financial transaction challenges. To actualize that, the KitToken ecosystem was established with a number of unique and innovative features which are as follows;
• To ensure an inexpensive transaction fee, fast, secured and dependable transactions.
• Protected and definite environment where the token is evenly distributed.
• So as to create connections betweenindustries, traders, companies and individuals.
• Kittoken holder will be opened to the opportunity of sharing profits gained from the platform.
• The KitToken Ecosystem can ensure the market of a strong asset supported business activities will be achievable.
• Kittoken is established on a decentralized ethereum blockchain which gives room for Self-operations without the need of any third party.

Cryptocurrency Regualtions
Fortunately, the block chain technology as well as the cryptocurrencies was incorporated by the Asian countries with productive plans to utilize of cryptocurrencies as a medium payment for items and services rather than making use of the traditional fiat currencies.
The kittoken members will come up with a user-friendy KITPAY APP for a more straightforward and secured fund transaction.

General information
• Token name: KitToken
• Symbol: KIT
• Decimal: 18
• Cost per token: $0.05
• Platform: ERC20(Ethereum)
• Token type: Utility
ICO and Pre-sale information
Early Bird sale event :
• 20th to 25th July (Bonus 70%)
• 26th to 31st July(Bonus 50%)
• ICO sale:
• 1st phase -August 1st to 10th (Bonus 30%)
• 2nd phase-August 11th to 20th (Bonus 20%)

Final Verdict
Kitoken is indeed a considerate platform as it is for an easy and reliable transaction giving more advantages over the traditional medium of payment. Take a step today to world of convenient and accessible cryptocurrency market. KitToken is all you need to make it come through.


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