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The theory of natural selection (survival of the fitter’s) propounded by Charles Darwin has taken its root in today’s business. Why am I saying this? The number of companies established every year is increasing significantly and are all competing for the same customers. The companies that are able to entice and meet the demands of customers survive while those that fail collapse and become extinct in the market. The question is “how can a company lure and attract the competitive customers for its survival?” This is when companies realize the power of good marketing strategy. Good and effective marketing strategy is a very vital element in facilitating the growth of every company. The advancement in technology has caused a paradigm shift in marketing from the traditional method to the digital method. Digital marketing (such as emailing, SMS, and internet marketing) has proved to be more effective and efficient when appropriate measures are put in place. Its effectiveness and efficiency depends on how you involve and motivate your loyal customers. To grow your company, these key three things should be considered;

Identifying your customers

In a strategic marketing, companies should be able to know who they are going to sell the products to. Ask yourself “who are my target group?” Being able to identify your customers will help you convince them and meet their demands.

Build a strong network with your customers

Build a strong relationship with your customers by creating a platform through which you can communicate with your customers and update them with every and latest news concerning the company and the customers

Reward your loyal customers

Encourage customers to patronize, share information, promote and advertise the company and its products by rewarding them and appreciating their involvement


Introducing Momentum Platform and Token

Through blockchain technology, MobileBridge, the first decentralized automated marketing platform of its kind was created to help companies grow. MobileBridge Momentum seeks to bring a radical and significant change to marketing and customers’ commitment in order to build a strong company-customer relationship. Companies, momentum platform, will use the Momentum Token, discounts and other incentives to reward their consumers for making purchases, for their loyalty, data insights, their attention, and for becoming a brand advocate or activist who is sharing with friends and actively engaging with the brand and the community. Thus, momentum platform will create a mutual environment where both the company and the customers will benefit unlike the old fashion marketing strategy where only one party benefits causing the collapse of many companies. Momentum platform want to introduce customer centered digital marketing strategy in the ecosystem. The platform will grant customers the opportunity to earn crypto tokens without necessarily buying them. What customers have to do is to pay attention to the company’s messages and emails, and promote the company and its products. One important and encouraging aspect of this token is its ability to exchange for fiat or other recognized cryptocurrency. By so doing companies will be able to build a strong network and relationship with its loyal customers and ensure its continuous existence.

Momentum Token Sale Information

The total number of Momentum tokens supply is 1 billion with only 50% put up for sale during the public auctions. The Private Sale of token is in progress. The sale campaign will last for one month or up until the hard cap of 42 million EUR is reached. The current price for a momentum token is set at roughly 0.12 USD. There is a whitelist available for investors to join.


Investing a huge some of money in a company and allowing it to collapse is the biggest mistake every investor or businessman will ever make. Build a strong team and grow your business. Lets all invests in MobileBridge Momentum and grow our business. A word to the wise is enough. Want to know more about MobileBridge?

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Good write-up

thanks for sharing this. Really appreciate it sir

This is really an amazing and wonderful project. I really like the idea behind this project. I will surely invest in this project.

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