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The world has advanced in several platforms ever since the inception of the internet and this has also led to the developing of softwares that makes manual work very simpler. The use of software program for the running activities for organizations and corporations has been on the increase due to how beneficial it has proven to be. Back in the days, organizations use to back up information manually but ever since software developers came out with software programs that help to organize all these informations in a manner which makes it very easy to retrieve if the need be in future. Currently, almost every organization out there has a software upon which it conducts its operations.
However, because there has been a huge demand of these software programs developers sometimes find it difficult to meet up with the demand of products and work that it is required of them. It is against this backdrop that Buddy saves the situation with their Automated Platform to assist Software developers.


In a highly technological world of today you really cannot do much without the services of these developers being it a hardware or software because they help to speed up work process. Not only that, but with the help of software developers every information of an organization are entered into one platform which makes it very simple for different sectors of the organization have access to it without necessarily going to that department to fetch the information. Currently software developers are being burdened with a whole lot of tasks in their programming activities and this has risen due to the intricate details that goes into programming and software developing. Below are some of the challenges that most programmers and software developers are facing.

First of all, the activities of some organization requires it to perform several tests to ensure that the day’s activities are accomplished but the problem is that, these tests really brings a whole lot of work to developers since they will be the once to execute the command. Doing this is a whole lot of work and it is quite burdensome and tiring for developers. These developers also recognizing how relevant their services are needed in the operation of the company cannot neglect their work and this sometimes leads to work burnout among most developers.

Furthermore, due to the high work load that rest upon developers to accomplish in order for the activities of an organization to run smoothly they request a sophisticated system which might serve the purpose of all these tedious tasks that they have to accomplish. The establishment of such a sophisticated system brings about huge expenses that are incurred by the company. This would not have been a problem if companies were expenses free but looking at all the expenses that almost every company has to incur adding huge infrastructural cost from software developers and programmers would drain the coffers of companies.

To add more insults to injury, the running of such a complex system by developers require a constant and regular maintenance work in order to keep the system for a longer period. The reason behind this is that, it is very expensive to acquire such system and so it is very important to maintained it from time to time to prevent a breakdown. Not forgetting that, any maintenance service required would also bring about extra expenses for which organizations have to bear. In addition, due to the high workload of some organization, developers are required to do several things at the same time and this also requires a lot of work which all rest on the shoulders of very few developers in an organization.
These are the problems that several software and program developers are facing but it these problems are going to be a thing of the past as a group of ardent individuals who are well vested in software developing and Information Technology have designed a platform which would help deliver automatic services regarding software and programming activities to organizations.


The blockchain technology has been adopted by many organizations for the operation of its activities because of how secured it is and also how it serves to shorten the chain of transaction reducing cost in the long run. The blockchain platform also has the blockchain ledger system which organizes information in a very simple way making it easier to retrieve information in the future. The Buddy platform basis on the blockchain technology in proposing three solutions in the form of three packages such as The Open DevOps Marketplace, Private Automation GRID and Shared Automation GRID.

The Private Automation GRID

By using the blockchain technology and its feature of decentralization, buddy will be developed on a decentralized platform which will be secured and private. This is because the activities of both Developers and Information Technologist is very relevant to the day-to-day activities of an organization. We live in a world whereby technological advancement has also brought about the infiltration of several third-party systems into unauthorized platforms. So even though the buddy platform is going to be decentralized platform it will secured from all sorts of unauthorized entries and also its automatic system will help to identify newly installed systems unto the platform with ease.

The Shared Automation GRID

The buddy platform also seeks to establish a network platform of buddy instances which would help to carry out tasks that are shared unto its platform by other users. Since the buddy platform will be made of several users who do different things when it comes to software developing and programming, so in the case of accomplishing of any shared tasks that are not of high security tasks users on the platform would help in accomplishing those tasks.
This system of sharing will be very useful for huge companies that have several tasks to execute within a day as the services of Shared Automation GRID will assist them in the accomplishment of their activities.

What makes Buddy Unique?

Buddy Automated Sharing GRID is a very special platform that is unique in its automated design and also uses fixed and local resources to operate making it affordable by organizations unlike Golem and SONM which are quite expensive to run. Again, the buddy platform has been designed specially with a very basic user interface that will enable all users of different levels of knowledge in programming and software development. To sum it all, users of the buddy platform don’t have to pay for any transactional fees in the execution of their tasks unlike other platforms and peer-to-peer networks. This makes buddy very affordable to run by the average organization out there.






This project is backed by a group of individuals that are highly knowledgeable in their field of discipline and are poised to carry this project to great success. Below are few of the team members, please refer to the whitepaper or website for more information about the full team.

Follow the contact lines below for more information about this project:

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