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This time let's talk about the facts of cryptocurrencies with a decentralized financial base. We know that the beginning of cryptocurrency is because there is one cryptocurrency #1 that is the bitcoin that became the reference for the next coin 2. But, did you know? That there are about interesting facts about the financial platforms of cryptocurrencies. If we look at real bitcoin is just a cryptocurrency with the largest community trust in the world. Thus making it the first cryptocurrency that will continue to occupy that position. The more we look at nowadays Bitcoin is more inclined to use on financial technology, such as Pemyaran, ATM, etc. This indicates that cryptocurrencies are very financial-related. Here's a fact about cryptocurrency with a financial platoform that I summarized based on my analysis.

Blockchain is a technology that facilitates financial transactions.

Essentially, blockchain is very broad in terms of understanding. In general, Blockchain is a website that contains records of a transaction that has been hashed such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. But, in my opinion, blockchain is more attributed in a financial platform. Because it makes it easy to save, perform, transaction or data entry P2P. In addition, the blockchain was first used by Bitcoin as a data storage technology for each transaction that has been hashed. Because bitcoin is designed by combining two concepts, namely crytography and curency. Cryptography is a code that is hashing using a particular algo or even algorithma that we create ourselves that cannot be scripted to maintain its security. Sure, this is one very high security method. And currency is the currency. If combined necessarily the cryptocurrency is always closely related to financial.

One of the developments of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

The 4th Revolution industry is a financially growing industry, of course we are entering the current era. Today, all over the world already implementing this 4th industry. Growing financially is indispensable during this era. Because it's a lot of blockchain projects that will succeed with financial platform. And here I will also discuss the project about this. Read until finished:)

Financial Cryptoccurency is a project that is so much in demand by investors

Since from 2017, we are currently in a wild about ICO, and the most successful ICO from 2017 to the present is the financial platform. Of course I sort the financial platform is the first thing that keeps investors interested. In addition, on the 2017 supported by a reliable exchange then more and more are pleased with the ICO investment with a financial base. Remember Hextra, bcc, Centra, Bonpay? They are all a bit of a platform with decentralized financial bases. Because it is highly recommended to invest in this financial platform. And here also I will view projects with a decentralized financial based platform. See his project ya ^^.

Have you heard of PayPDM before? May sound new to you. Because this is the project that will review at this time. PayPDM is one of the projects that was born as a financial platform which is desetnralization. Asset Management and lending. If you are an investor of course here I will also show how to buy or have an invetment in PayPDM. Currently PayPDM makes a feature called FinTrade. FinTrade is a platform from PayPDM a financial platform with a blockchain base centered on financial trading primarily on Forex, Kript, and crypto assets. FinTrade's application is a reliable way to invest crypto and generate data for companies and communities. You can see the video below .

How can I invest?

Currently PayPDM is running a PreICO period you can participate directly by visiting their website:
Or you can also fill a Presale form to be able to invest in the initial tokensale.

And do not forget, follow the continued development of PayPDM through the link below:

more info about PayPDM:



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