SKELPY - Introduction Of SKELPY COIN

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Use of blockchain is needed by most giant firms, the even now one giant company named facebook rumornya will make the ICO and would unify his platform with blockchain. Blockchain has many benefits, in addition to beneficial for several companies in parts of the world, Blockchain is also used by cryptocurrency for each Trade Transaction, P2P, and buy the product in the international marketplace online. With Blockchain a lot of things can be utilized as transactions fast, secure and transparent, in addition, Blockchain can be developed with various platfrom, as platform mining outpost, IOT, AI, Exchange, Trading tools, and a wide range of Platforms more from various projects.

What is Skelpycoin?

 Skelpy Aims To Create A Completely Decentralized And Transparent System, Identifying Every Single Portfolio Present Inside The Blockchain.  

Skelpy project intends to offer

a certifying service for wallets in the property blockchain, ever allowing the use of anonymous wallets inside the blockchain. 

Skelpy System

SkelpySystem may be a suburbanised platform that allows to certify and acknowledge the wallets within the Skelpy circle. 


Through this method it'll be potential to acknowledge the themes concerned within the transactions on the premise of the amount of authority allowed by the wallets homeowners. 

The notecases may be recognized at the discretion of the rightful owner that decides the visibility of his own wallet. 

To recognize a notecase is critical causation a recognition request to the topic in question, except the “Public” level of visibility that doesn't want a recognition request. 

The visibility levels ar divided in: 

• Public 

• Private 

• Solo

Public visibility A notecase with a “Public” visibility level are often seen from all of the users registered at the SkelpySystem platform, with none want of recognition. 

Private Visibility A notecase with a “Private” level of visibility are often seen solely from the licensed users once the acceptance of the popularity request sent from the human to the rightful owner. 

Solo” visibility A notecase with a “Solo” level of visibility is completely different from the personal visibility because it can’t receive recognition requests, however solely send them to notecase with personal visibility. 


Each subject being a part of the SkelpySystem platform should respect the laws that regulate it and certify his/her identity through the laws of his/her home country and therefore the KYC tool. 

In case of offences, breach of the law or actions that violate the national and international laws, SkelpySystem doesn't take any responsibility for facts occurred through its network. 

SkelpySystem can build on the market all the documents required to the requesting institutes, so as to not impede the investigation of hot acts.


The Skelpy positive identification (SIC) will be accustomed get paid and be recognized. 

After having complete the recognising procedure through Skelpy system, it's attainable to request SICs to depart to customers or Friends for contact or payment addresses. 

In fact, the QR code on the rear of the cardboard indicates the pocketbook associated to the blockchain Skelpy certified person, therefore by inform the QR code on the cardboard it's attainable to pay the certified pocketbook owner.

 Understand more about the project by clicking on the link below:

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