UN using Blockchain to fight climate change - let's focus on the bigger picture

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Why should you care about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Because this technology is helping us fight the biggest challenge of our generation.

The recent news that the UN is forming a blockchain coalition to combat climate change really brings light to the global potential of this technology. The fundamental properties of blockchain technology such as transparency, immutability and decentralization is the perfect fit for improving processes that concern climate and energy.

The UN Climate Change secretariat recognizes the potential of blockchain technology to contribute to enhanced climate action and sustainability - Massamba Thioye, UN
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are often associated with huge increases in price, speculation and fear of missing out.

Unfortunately, the price of Bitcoin dominates the public discourse stealing the focus from what's really important - namely how this technology fundamentally changes the way countless industries do business (such as insurance, real-estate, cybersecurity etc), lifts millions of people out of poverty by fighting corruption and hyperinflation and even helps to save the world from maybe the biggest challenge our generation faces - namely climate change. We need to stop looking at the short-term speculation of cryptocurrencies and instead take a look at how this technology will be applied in the long-term. We need to see the bigger picture!

How exactly can blockchain be utilized in our fight against climate change?

Bring transparency to the energy sector. By for example enabling transparent tracking of carbon assets.
By being a trustless technology blockchain creates trust among climate actors.
Enable global green energy trading. Projects such as PowerLedger and WePower are working to make this a reality.
Decentralizing energy production and consumption. Consumers turn into prosumers creating a more efficient utilization of the produced energy.
Enabling transparent tracking of carbon emissions increasing accountability among actors.

And this is only the beginning. Blockchain is a universal technology that can and will be applied in countless industries such as real-estate, insurance, accounting, gaming, cybersecurity, music etc.

This means that there is a world of possibilities for startups, entrepreneurs and corporations to innovate. However, innovation is impossible without knowledge and understanding.

It is vital for people to understand blockchain technology to really be a part of this new growing industry. Governments, authorities and regulators need to pay attention to this. Instead of constantly painting cryptocurrencies in dark colors repelling people from learning about this technology and discovering the possibilities.

Stop looking at the Bitcoin chart - solve the important problems in this world instead!

Thank you for reading and have a great day everyone!

Ivan Liljeqvst (Ivan on Tech)


Wonderful as usual Ivan
Yes greediness for quick big money blinds us from the real Blockchain revolution most of the time 👌

There's no doubt that blockchain is the next big thing after the internet. There's still more to come. Thanks for the info.

You are very correct, solutions to our planets problems will be proferred using the blockchain technology.

very well written!

When we see more and more real life applications solving real issues people will jump more and more on board.

Andreas Antonopoulos said it very well "to say the blockchain is only a store of value is like saying the internet is only a fancy telephone."

Blockchain technology has a very huge potentials that is yet untapped. Institutions and companies will continue to create innovations through the use of this technology for the benefit of our natural ecosystem and mankind. Thanks @ivanli

@ivanli if you care about this issue please take the time to listen to this information about geoengineering and climate change

Take care of our planet. We only have one. :/

you really believe in man made climate change? lol

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I'm getting thoroughly tired of seeing otherwise intelligent people shrieking about climate change everywhere I look. It's even invading crypto now.

Substitute Religion for Atheist.

Some exciting projects already launched, and the promise of more to come. These are in the plus column for blockchain - and could make big differences.

But on the negative column must surely be how power-hungry mining coins is. Mining centres use massive amounts of energy to sustain the blockchain revolution at the moment.

It might be a good idea to introduce some sort of incentive for miners to use cleaner energy, such as solar power. Maybe their rewards could be linked to a ratio of clean/dirty energy used in their mining project. This obviously isn't possible (at least for now) for all miners, but it would be for large mining centres.

Come on, man, you're a smart guy. Earth's climate is a chaotic nonlinear system. Past data cannot predict future changes in such a system, that's why we can't predict weather changes more than a week out with any degree of certainty. Climate "scientists" are pretending they can forecast changes in global temperatures centuries from now; how about they demonstrate 99%+ accuracy for a 4-6 week prediction period first? They don't because they can't; trying to do so would destroy what little credibility remains in their prediction models that already have a terrible track record.

This is awesome, the future is smiling.
Plus, I've never seen anyone link blockchain to Climate change solutions, Nice one Sire

I think it is important people understand the blockchain technology and realise what it can do. Many people only know what is Bitcoin and not blockchain. Blockchain is the future of many technology in the world. So we should take it seriously.
Thanks for your valuable post. I appreciate you. YOu did well as usual . @ivanli
Thumbs up for you.

Just BLOCKCHAIN it! :)

Yes sir, blockchain is the future of technological developments of the world

great article. glad to see people adopting the blockchain technology. blockchain will be in everything soon

That's true. With BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY there are infinite possibilities. It provides transparency in the true sense. The power is not in the hands of few government officials.

It is with the people and everyone involved ont he network.

Issues like Climate Change, Pollution, Population, Global Economical Meltdown, Poverty, Tech Deficiencies can be solved with the help of this advancement.

Thanks @ivanli for motivating people to use it for the good of humanity rather than just looking at it as a Money Making Scheme. 😎💯

Excellent information friend, I think we can not get carried away by fast money ambition in these times thanks for sharing greetings

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Your welcome @Ivanli , I found out about you on youtube making a presentation talking about ethereum and a recent hack in their system, someone who stole 40..million in ether...

Blockchain is the future!

Great post! Resteemed and upvoted. I think it is important people understand the blockchain technology and realise what it can do. Many people only know what is Bitcoin and not blockchain. There are many real-world benefits in using blockchain. Many unnecessary processes can be removed through the use of blockchain. The world will be a more efficient place when blockchain is used at the right places.

I agreed with you on this topic, recently my team and I started talking about bringing blockchain into a project just to make it more efficient. I don't like most people just concentrate on the price of bitcoin

I found this to be hardest to understand - how blockchain can be used in different industries.

I think for most people when they hear about Cryptocurrencies they just view it as "digital money" and that's it. So to imagine it being used to help deal with climate change seems odd.

If you could make video/article explaining how blockchain can be used in these different industries, ones you named, I think that would help lots of people.

P.S. Bro, I hope you read these comments hands (1).png

The possibilities of blockchain is endless. Blockchain technology is still relatively new, once physical evidence rises of how blockchain can help everyone around the world is seen maybe then people and governments everywhere will be able to embrace the blockchain. With the UN starting to use and spread the word is a huge step towards this becoming a reality. Thanks for the info @ivanli.