Crypto Circle X - Revolutionising Cryptocurrency tradings

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Crypto Circle Exchange is the first advanced and safe cryptocurrency trading platform that works based on very modern technology that is able of over ten million exchanges per second. The relationship between Crypto Circle Exchange and its clients works in both ways. The clients depend on the platform and at the same time, the platform depends on its clients. In this world of giving and receiving, it has never been as transparent and clears up until now when dealing with Crypto Circle Exchange. The platform’s vision is for people to see their image and immediately remember the association between the platform and its clients.

Known Problems

At the moment the only possible way for someone to trade cryptocurrencies is to use different cryptocurrency exchanges that are continually changing and evolving. These centralised exchanges are suitable and popular among most of the users that want to trade but still, there many problems that come with them.


Due to poor or even lack of security, there have been a lot of cases of hacked cryptocurrency exchanges. Probably the most significant example would be the “Mt. Gox” hack where there were a total of 650.000 Bitcoins stolen.


The cryptocurrency market is unable to hold large orders because there is not enough liquidity in the market. The only way to go around it is to change the value associated with the currency affected.

High Trading Fees

There are a lot of favourite cryptocurrency exchanges that ask for a transaction fee that can start at 0.25% and can go up to .3% when any transaction is being made.


Probably the most popular and encountered issue would be the customer support teams. They are on every platform, and most users have experienced them firsthand. There is an extensive feedback and response time from these support teams, and sometimes the customers’ issues are left unresolved or even ignored.

Why choose Crypto Circle Exchange

The platform’s matching engine can hold over ten million transactions per second with an almost non-existing latency. This feature alone makes Crypto Circle Exchange the fastest platform out there.

The platform is developed in GoLang, a programming language that offers a lot more advantages than C, C++, C#, Java or Ruby. The main reason behind that is that it can compile into different operating systems without too much of a trouble and it offers a faster, cleaner and more accurate coding environment.

The registration system ensures only real users can sign up to the platform by sending verification codes on the customers’ email address and SMS. The passwords are not stored, and all secret user data are encrypted, and only then they are stored in the secured database.

The customer support is at the client’s disposal because the platform offers a 24 our live chat room so the users can use it for any issue, big or small.

If you are interested in the platform and want to find out more, you can visit the Crypto Circle X website at, or you can read their whitepaper at

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I have read the whitepaper. It is a valued project.

Thank you for your feedback on this, it is indeed a valued project.

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It's new ico project?

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