SF 22.2 (Sharing Thoughts)

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Instead of giving only the justifications for my decisions, I wish to share some of the thought process along with it, so that you can better understand me as a person and as a Witness too.

Yesterday I posted about the relevant FACTS revolving around SF 22.2. “SF 22.2 Facts vs Opinions”

However this post is literally my personal views, which are heavily based on the facts, the difference being that my thought process and application of logic in the decision making process is what this is all about.

What I will state is the following to everyone:

The primary role and duty of a Witness is to ensure the existential security of the Steem blockchain.

(dot, full stop, period end of story).

The other items one may or may not think are listed in the job description of a Witness are subject to opinion and changes.

This one item will NEVER CHANGE.

& that is the exact foundation that decisions like these need to be based on.

Think about it.

In the past there have been many times where my views on a topic may have differed from those of our governance. For various reasons.

i.e. I still disagree with “free downvoting”, for many reasons, first and foremost it is not fair and equal with the upvoting transactions. This I look at from the social and community side of things, the economical side of things, the ‘on boarding’ side of things and the list goes on.

So each of my views is based on logic that is always for the good of Steem. Even when I do not agree with the actions taken, I do not go out and call for mutiny, but stick to my values that govern my thought process.

In all these thought processes I try not to “judge” others, as I would not like others to “judge” me for my individuality, yet it isn’t easy when I see so many emotions/feelings out there.

No matter what decision is made, there are people who differ in opinions and their feelings may be affected. After all, we all human beings. (“Being” being the key word).

It seems to me that many do not understand that a Soft Fork is not a Hard Fork.
Or to say the least are interpreting a Soft Fork to be many things it is not.

The basic down to the bare bones way I can relay the difference is that a Soft Fork is used when there is agreement upon something from any earlier date.

That would be the way I present it in the decision making process. We could look at the use of it from a tech standpoint and state that the protocol is being changed so as to modify the data that was previously applied in an older block without disrupting the blockchains functionality. (again, I am using my own words here).

Without going into the semantics of things, for obvious reasons.

I think that this is clear(er) now to many who were equating an SF with a HF.

Now that you have a clear understanding of my relevant thought process, I will move forwards and express my views and opinions based upon the facts.

When making a decision in any given situation, it needs to take all things into account, yet priorities need to be kept in place through the process.

No matter how popular or unpopular something may be, it is the reality of things, the facts that need to be applied.
While understanding how it feels to not know all the details, or how it feels to not directly partake in some discussions which lead to conclusions and eventual decisions, I do understand and accept that this is so and that the world does not revolve around me, no matter how much some wish it did for them.

What I am saying is, I try to put my personal feelings and personal gain aside when making decisions of this level of importance. I did so here, without a grain of doubt in my mind.

If it were any different, if let’s say I was looking at my own personal wants and needs, I would have brown nosed to certain individuals for many reasons.

No, I did not and rarely ever will. Maybe watch my wording from time to time, even that is rare, but I refuse to put my personal wants and profits in front of my duties.

And I stated my primary and sole duty as a witness no matter what the consequences may be to or for me as an individual:

The primary role and duty of a Witness is to ensure the existential security of the Steem blockchain. (dot, full stop, period end of story).

Some may recall in the past that I passionately stood up for Ned in a given situation that was comparable in some minute ways to this situation were in up to the SF.

The difference being there, I stood up for the fact that his role was then as planned and agreed upon in the Steem ecosystem. No matter how much he to me was nothing more than a spoiled little brat who obviously wants to be rich and famous, he was fulfilling his role and sometimes even fulfilling his duties.

So I stood up for him, even if that was the unpopular thing to do at the time.

However, since he literally sold us all out. Everyone and even flicked a virtual birdie to us all with his snarky “steemitans” in his tweet (only way he has the balls to do it, otherwise he would pee in his pants when faced by a real man.) He sold ALL of us out!

So this current situation revolving around SF22.2 is in no realistic way, manner or form comparable to situations in the past.

First and foremost, because the trust was not betrayed. There were situations that put the economy of Steem at question, but not the existential security of out Steem blockchain.

When the reality of things are looked at, everything in ref. to what all went down in the recent weeks between Justin Sun and Ned Scott.

Taking into consideration both of their track records in the crypto scene.

Won’t talk about Ned much any more, he is not worth our time.

But here is a little bit of info some have found to be useful when looking for information to do some homework on:

Go look it up for yourselves, enter into the rabbit hole of reality.

Don’t take my word for it, or the words of many respected people in the crypto scene, go check it out and compare who says what.

Fans, little pom pom waving cheerleaders, who are the only people praising the guy and what the respectable professionals in the blockchain scene and crypto scene are saying!

As I always say:


And as for the words, well, here is what Justin Suns Tron said yesterday, which further confirms that there is more than ample reason to take proactive measures as Witnesses, to ensure the existential security of our Steem blockchain.


Source: https://medium.com/@TronFoundation/tron-weekly-report-02-15-02-21-international-version-86ac7a29799c
If you don’t get it, basically he is saying anything that the crowd he is talking to wants to hear.
In the real world, those types are usually called “used car salespeople” or should I say “CON ARTISTS”.

It isn't hard to know what is next, just look up the history of any con in this world and how the con artists went forwards with it. Most importantly, what all the victims had in common.

So enough about the Neds and Justin Suns of this world, they can live out their dreams at the expense of others, but in this case, after SF22.2 not at the expense of all us Steemians.

There are some good points that I can touch on here too.

No matter what opinion anyone may have, it is an absolutely fantastic thing to see so much passion about Steem among so many of us.

It was and is so wonderful to see so many Witnesses talking, even debating, looking at what all options are available to fulfill the duty Witnesses have without any new “loopholes”. First time I’ve seen such dedication towards the blockchain without any strings attached.

It is sad to see some individuals, twist things around and accuse some witnesses of having ulterior motives.

I mean, really?

In the history of blockchain and crypto, Steem is the first blockchain in which the governance has stood up to the “stake” and managed to avoid scenarios such as those seen on all the other blockchains where power and money hungry egomaniacs have abused the system to centralize things.

I mean, WTF?

Have these people forgotten WHY all those forks occurred on various blockchains?

I mean look at Dans “EOS”. It has already failed. It has forked out because of the exact thing that Steem was facing.
This is the first time that any blockchain has been able to ensure its integrity and avoid a fork due to inevitable hostile centralization.

I mean, what: Do you want to become the next failed copy of disgruntled forking BTC Plastic, BTC Earwax, BTC Mildew etc etc etc etc?????

I can understand that some of those writing those types of posts have some sort of animosity towards the current governance, or governance protocol, but that just proves my point about “motives” of individuals when expressing their “feelings and opinions” with quasi comparable twisted out of context scenarios to back their “conspiracy theories”.

While I fully respect anyone who expressed their sincere concerns on both sides of the fence.


Yesterday in a conversation about all this and the facts, the morals, the difficulties in facing reality and the future of things, I said the following:

Goals should be based on utopian ideals, but our actions must be based on reality.

Anyone who has had to call the shots in their life and learned lessons from those experiences can understand me on that one.

So there it is, my personal take on it all.

I gave my word to relay this, no matter what the price of it is, but at least I know that what I said is sincere, backed with facts , not opinions and definitely not something that is motivated by anything else except the Steem blockchain and code that we all feel so passionate about.

PS. You can see why I don't do PR.
What is the old saying about calling it as it is, not beating around the bush, not wrapping things up in shiny giftwrapping!

At least you get the real deal here.

Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones



I can't always follow what you're on about even though you don't ramble quite as much as I do, but I do enjoy finding little gems like

I mean, what: Do you want to become the next failed copy of disgruntled forking BTC Plastic, BTC Earwax, BTC Mildew etc etc etc etc?????

they crack me up XD

Thanks mate, you just made my day. Hope all is well down your end of the street.

The little gems!

There is an idea for a post, might have to go and make a post with all of them in there.
If we don't end up being a TRON-earwax token on their snailchain.

PS. A little off topic, how do you like the latest little gem?


More coming where that came from!

Solid round up Jack, I think this pretty much explains everything that everyone needs to know.

@tipu curate

Thank you for sharing your thoughts etc.

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Protecting the liberty of those who built this place against those tyrants who believe that their money can buy anyone is more important than ones personal ambitions or wishes.

Even at the cost of ones own demise.

Here's another good one.. straight from the Bill of Rights.. US Constitution.. something I swore to defend at one point in my life ..

Amendment 4
Search and Seizure.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

[Ratified 12/15/1791]

Exactly the case here.

No person has the right to take what is ours, no matter what shady deals they may have signed with some con artist.

To protect and serve can and must be applied here:

The code utilized was there to protect against the use of that stake against the existential security of Steem.

It is up to those that are responsible for fulfilling that duty to serve the nation (Steemians) by ensuring it is done as per the constitution (code).

No questions asked and definitively nobody can change my mind on that.

Duty before personal opinions, emotions or "feelings".

Hoped to have said my last word on the subject.

The primary role and duty of a Witness is to ensure the existential security of the Steem blockchain.

How secure did it prove to be for Mr. Sun's stake? Without a generic solution, that could affect all users, those installing HF22.2 did the exact opposite to securing the chain. You went out of your way to break it for targeted accounts?

Would you buy 21% of the STEEM stake now if you were a billioniare? 15%? 10%? You'd have to be out of your bleetin mind.

Well, the assumption that he bought stake is made in your thought process.
He bought a US company, probably as per US Law, as registration of companies in countries can not be done under our code.

Hence it is a loophole that existed in our ecosystem.

The stake that you are mentioning should have been burned 4 years ago, it wasn't as it was incorporated into our ecosystem as per the contractual agreements between Steemit Inc and the community (and community reps/governance).
Likewise the coded in options that were used were made possible via a HF as per that agreement, which was coded in by Steemit Inc.

This was only relevant to the stake listed, nothing else.

As far as Mr Sun and Ned go, their contract that they signed is between the two of them, not between Steem and them.
What they agreed upon is for them to settle.

Ned may have sold the company, but he can't sell what isn't his to sell, like Steem for example.

No matter how much anyone may presume that Mr Sun is a victim of Neds contract with him, that is all merely speculation, as that contract was never made public.

Yet, Mr Sun and his Tron have literally very clearly defined their intentions as far as Steem is concerned. Publicly in writing. No denying that.

Unlike other blockchains which fall victim to such dirty deals and hostile takeovers, this blockchain has prevented such under the table dealings with Genesis tokens (ninja mined tokens) that are exclusively there for one purpose and one purpose alone, to build and further develop the Steem blockchain.

This was "DEFINITIVELY MADE CLEAR" by Mr Sun and his Tron that they have no intention of honouring this on multiple occasions and likewise his actions with the abuse of Genesis tokens which must not be used for voting in governance elsewhere have further added to the validity of SF 22.2

I may feel sorry for him, maybe not, that is irrelevant, my personal emotions and opinions based upon those feelings do not take precedence over my duties as a Witness. A duty that is to ensure all Steemians are ensured that Steem (the blockchain) has the necessary existential security.

Duty before personal feelings and emotions is not the most fun option in life, yet it is necessary for the good of Steem.

So again, if someone comes along and buys 21% of the STEEM stake and talks about rocking the boat would they, too, be a legit target to freeze?

Instead of looking for a solution that all would be subject to the trust of this chain has been broken.

Granted, this stake was unique yet future major buys could have the same threat. Nothing has been secured only specific accounts targetted.


You know I think your one cool guy. Seriously. I love that you wrote all that, and yes I did read it. And reading is hard so, but Jack I would love to livestream with you about this. Do you have a show? I would love to get a stream going and pick your brain a bit. Lemmie know

Jack is GREAT on voice :D Just don't put a camera in front of him LOLL
He ...... yeah :D use his Icon

Videos and me are not really compatible, tried it but it isn't my thing. However, the work around is voice. I feel comfortable with that. Ask @snook she will confirm that.

Will prefer to not say anything until the issues are all taken care of though, there are way too many things that could be taken out of context or manipulated with in this moment in time. So for the good of everyone, maybe it would be better to wait, or do a livestream with one of the people who is not a witness.

Simply trying to ensure that you get the best results for everyone who watches the video.

Voice is fine one day. I dont mind i still want ti streak it and maybe have snook. It would be a great fun time. I do it podcast style or come on one of your shows. Im just saying for fun one day. You guys made me laugh when i watched the bloopers video. Such fun

@jackmiller is a fucking cunt and a liar.

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