creo que si es Es este Node.js? Javascript? tienes razon @jadams2k18 tratare de investigar mas

Hooolaaa! Tas perdía mujer. Que tas haciendo???!!! 😄

Ya ni escribes 😝

Hello! You're so lost of my radar... What have you been doing???!!! 😄

You don't even write 😝 anymore.

It’s React for what I know.

React, Node.js, Angular, all of them are javascript... hehehhe... I've only worked with jquery and javascript 😉

That’s what I thought, they’re all JS :)

Anyway, if it gets too complicated, let me know and I'll keep an eye on it. I program in almost everything: Php, Mysql, basic, c++, c#, javascript, Delphi... Programming languages are given to me easily... It's kind of my superpower, 😉

Thanks so much, @jadams2k18, will keep you posted. Seems like you have a lot of experience indeed :) I believe it’s a fairly easy job but who knows...