Update: Jenina☆Crypto Social Media Channels| IG Fake Accounts & Twitter Account Suspended😣

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Hello Steemians!

If you use to follow my Social Media channels, let me remember you that my only Instagram account is: @jeninacrypto

Real account: https://www.instagram.com/jeninacrypto

Please help me to report these Instagram impersonators: @__jeninacrypto and @___jeninacrypto

❎Fake account: https://www.instagram.com/__jeninacrypto
❎Fake account: https://www.instagram.com/___jeninacrypto

Besides Twitter automated spam detection temporary restricted my main account☹
@jeninacrypto https://www.twitter.com/jeninacrypto
You can help to restore it by tweeting to Twitter Support!🙏

Please follow my Twitter Alt account: @jeninacrypt0 https://www.twitter.com/jeninacrypt0



🌟Thanks for your support🌟

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