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Ethereum Limited is a smart contract creation platform

Ethereum is one of these Altcoins which is a decentralized software platform with the use of smart contract and Distributed Applications (ĐApps). Ethereum is built and run without downtime, control, fraud, or interference from third parties. This intelligent platform is also the basis for its own virtual currency, namely Ether. Not only applies as a platform, but also programming language (Turing Complete) that runs on blocks (blockchain). This is to help developers build and publish distributed applications. Potential applications built with the Ethereum platform are very broad.

Ethereum Limited is a smart contract making platform. By paying attention not everyone has the ability to write smart contract because by making smart contract we need the need for skills in programming then Ethereum Limited is here to make it easier for everyone to make the smart contract.

With the creation of Ethereum Limited Ecosystem, this will make people need a smart contract so that it will come to the Ethereum network to make it more successful. Given Ethereum's transaction costs are lower, and has a faster turnover, this is what makes someone come to the Ethereum network.

Ethereum Limited provides ease of use so that our smart contracts are very easy in its users. And has thousands of templates ready for use.
  • Minimum Cost
    In our smart platform, we have minimal costs so it won't hurt your budget.

  • Marketplace
    Having a marketplace can make transactions easier on platform users through our Marketplace.

  • Flexibility
    We will accept Ethlimited, Ethereum, and Bitcoin as payment to use our platform. We may add some cryptocurrency in the future.

The Ethereum Limited project is;

  • Blockchain
  • Technology
  • Profit
  • Security system
  • Multicurrency Coins
  • Receive Fiat & Crypto
  • Secure Internal Wallet
  • No Contract No Charge

How Smart Contract Come from

In 1996, Nick Szabo created a period of time. The smart contract has been designed to ensure the contract clause is completed in the letter, in addition to human assistance needs. This is computerized and cannot be stopped as soon as the order is given to him. Smart contract removes problems related to normal contract criminal recommendations that are similar to big costs, human errors, too many paper works, and so on. As a cryptographer, Nick Szabo positioned not using a decentralized ledger because intelligent contracts might also correct traditional problems. Smart contracts may soon be fulfilled at the same time as contracts in contracts such as shifts to cash.

This smart contract can be interpreted as a vending machine, where crypto coins are thrown, and escrow from some clever settlement is changed to as short as possible to be resolved. Smart contract make high-quality regulations enforced to prevent any form of interference

Ethereum Limited allows customers to unify several types of smart contract factors, at the same time as further using decentralized applications or dApps. Ethereum limited allows overall touring because this is our platform provides a series of large code guidelines.

Information about ETHL Tokens:

  • Supply: 10,000,000
  • Token: ETHL
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20 Preico
  • Price: 1 ETHL = 0.5 $ Total Sale 1,000,000
  • ICO Price: 1 ETHL = $ -1.50 $ Total sale of 5,000,000



  • April
    Project Started

  • June - August
    Conceptualization and Planning

  • October - November

  • December


  • January
    Blockchain Beta Test

  • February
    Implementation and Deployment

  • March
    System Analysis

  • April
    Bug Fixing

  • May
    Penetration Test and Security Debugging

  • June

  • July
    Pre ICO

  • August
    ICO CrowdSale

  • October
    CoinMarketCap Listing

  • December
    Wallet Release


  • February
    Additional External Exchanges

  • September
    1 ETHL = 1 ETH

For those of you who want to contribute to this project please visit the official website that has been provided for you

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it's a good platform

for more detailed information please visit the official website of this project that has been provided

Ethereum Limited platform is residing in the Ethereum blockchain and taking advantage of its decentralized nature, it's safer, easier to use and more efficient!

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this is a great idea and this team also looks very professional,
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