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Imusify provides innovation in the music platform

History of musical development

Music is a collection of sounds in such a way as to produce the rhythm of the song and create harmony in the singing of songs that can be from instruments, music as a means to express the expression of the maker. Music has the ability to reconcile anxiety hearts, have recreational therapy, and can foster a spirit of patriotism according to Aristotle.

Music has been known since the presence of human Homo sapiens around 180,000 to 100,000 years ago. No one knows who humans first knew the art of music. The oldest musical instrument is a flute made of hollowed bones. Usually comes from a bear thigh bone. The flute was allegedly made 40,000 years ago. The collection of ancient instruments most commonly found in China from 7,000 to 6600 BC. The inscription containing the song Hurrian dated 1400 BC is the oldest recorded musical notation.

In the 20th century, the invention of the radio became a new way to listen to music. Music in modern times is more focused on rhythm, style, and sound. But music today does not recognize laws and regulations. The discovery of voice recorders and tools for editing music provide a new genre to classical music. Thus, people are increasingly free to express their expression through music.

Imusify as a music platform

imusify is one of the initiators of a decentralized music movement. But there are those who make it different that Imusify has a purpose to serve various stakeholders and players throughout the music value chain, including collaboration, production, distribution, promotion, curation, live events, and more. The imusify technology framework built is expected to be adopted by artists, music lovers, entrepreneurs, and developers to use our platform to connect with the community on the imusify platform, create collaborative content, and build new uses.

When we build a network of intelligent contracts, we can imagine that this very simple mediation role can be expanded to facilitate reliable interaction between different types of users. With an intelligent contract network, there must be an overlapping presence between human desires and beliefs among individuals. So that the existing smart contract system can function properly, and people who use this system must share the same beliefs about what this system will make and achieve. digital imusify So it can be described, all actors who share intentions collectively to give more to artists for what value they provide, and create deeper means for connection and collaboration among all imusify participants.

Innovation on imusify

Imusify has evolved to include multiple layers of protocols for digital assets, digital identities, and smart contracts. The main goal of this music platform is to create a smart economy for the development of the music industry which is expected to grow unexpectedly at the same time by instilling the rights of artists that cannot be revoked to their music. And this can help music creators, musicians, music recording and label companies and all stakeholders engaged in the music industry. The digital rights management layer will be one by one to the NEO blockchain, allowing more flexibility for different artists and customers.

In imusify the Token IMU platform is used as a machine to support a decentralized and imusify multi-layer music economy. With the presence of imusify in the music industry can create enormous potential value for using tokens in this platform. IMU tokens can be appreciated for contributors on this platform with our smart compensation system or can be used as a currency when we exchange assets and digital services. By establishing a level of trust and transparency among artists, supporters, fans and industry service providers living ecosystems appear..

By providing several features and functions in the imusify platform, it is expected to help users realize their intentions, ranging from direct transactions from consumers to makers, artist crowdfunding campaigns, and content licensing protocols. In the imusify feature also provided for the community, the open source platform allows new users who can provide value and establish connections using the smart imusify contract system. From this perspective, we can begin to see how intelligent contracts are the defining characteristics that classify blockchain as a fluid technology character in a narrative. Let us now look at how the global music industry as it is today, and examine key inefficiencies that imusify will aim at its contract-based music ecosystem that is smart.

Features found on the imusify platform

  • Audio Player
    Through this feature, users can upload an audio, song, DJ mix, podcast, audiobook, then users can also share or provide internally or externally to various systems and users of capacity.

  • Fill in the Curation
    Users have the option to increase or decrease content, for this reason curating good and bad content. Users get rewards to ensure the content provided by imusify is the best quality.

  • Create Channels
    Users can create their personal channels, similar to Slack, which is a real-time channel and playlist and their own personification based on tags and topics. Users can invite different customers internally or externally via e-mail so that the most invited individuals must enter the channel.

Platform Imusify provides solutions with blockchain usage, imusify uses blockchain to overcome industry challenges and provides real-world use cases that will not only bring value directly to the music room but also educate early users to lead the evolution towards community adoption from other blockchain use cases. And can solve all the problems of transparency, data accuracy, and financial problems.

For those of you who want to participate or contribute to this project please visit the official website that has been given and the opportunity is open for those of you who want to take this opportunity:

Watch this short video to bring you closer to this platform, so you feel closer to this platform

Token Specifications

  • Token Name: IMU
  • Platform Token: NEO
  • ICO Price: 1 IMU = 0.05 USD
  • Total Supply Tokens: 1,000,000,000 IMU
  • Soft cap: $ 1,000,000
  • Hard cap: $ 25,000,000
  • Receive Payments: NEO, BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, BCH and DASH
  • Tokens for sale: 65,000,000 IMU

imusify ICO detail

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imusify Token Sale Discount

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Roadmap imusify

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Partners imusify


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Good work bro well describe and i love to listen music.

thank you for your appreciation if you want to contribute please visit the official website

Music is more available to global users than ever before but the disconnect between music creators, collaborators and shareholders is growing, making it more challenging
good luck for ICO

this platform is very interesting because imusify is able to create a smart economy in the music industry so that it can provide progress for the music industry and the music industry stakeholders

It is really going to make change in music idustry .


Yes exactly, let's take the opportunity and for those of you who want to contribute, please visit the official website

Very good and promising project, high project performing,excelent work.

Thank you for your appreciation, if you want to contribute to this project please visit the official website that has been given, let's cheer's, sir

Imusify has built an exceptional project and team are amazing excellent for a project to standout. This is a great project and good community.

Thank you for your appreciation, if you want to contribute to this project please visit the official website in this good project

When providing digital content to streaming services, artists (especially smaller independent ones) have little chance to maintain the rights to ownership of their work, let alone receiving fair & timely payments
With imusify, the musicindustry will be artist-centric . Really great concept

This is really a great concept by creating a smart economy in the music industry so that artists and stakeholders in the music industry get a fair and equal opportunity

Very good team work. I'm sure this project will be a big success.

yeah and i believe that also for more complete information please visit the official website of this project

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