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KitToken is a stable eco-financial system based on blockchain technology

The growing financial economy has led to the stage where blockchain technology is the driving force of economic growth. Nowadays technology has innovated like blockchain technology, where advances in fund transfers are efficient, fast, safe, reliable. Just in time for the financial industry to embrace the wave of change as a way forward. By developing a sustainable and stable eco-financial system based on Blockchain. To achieve the transfer of payments from one person to another, peer to peer can use the KitToken protocol by transferring values. KitToken also aims to build a decentralized platform to achieve faster and faster transactions across borders. By using the world's top security system to ensure that the financial ecosystem is fast and safe.

Cryptocurrency has been able to present a digital alternative that is easy to use for fiat currency. By offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, this can make investors feel confident that this platform is promising so they want to add this currency to a portfolio that has been verified as for their assets because the market size does not represent systemic risk. Cryptocurrency uses cryptographic usage which guarantees a high-security process and verifies personal transactions for each user. Therefore, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are not possible.

What is KitToken

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KitToken is a financial system that manages itself with P2P transactions based on an open-source platform called KitPay. KitToken as Utilities for Organic Profit Sharing is committed to developing a financial ecosystem based on the blockchain.


Kitpay is part of the KitToken Project and this is a wallet service for ERC 20 tokens. Kitpay is an application that can be downloaded to smart devices from the Android and iOS markets.

Customers can use Kitpay in 4 categories:

  • ERC 20 Wallet Tokens
  • Paper Wallet
  • FIAT to Cryptos
  • Single Adress Accounts

By using the KitToken protocol to achieve the value of transferring payments from one person to another in peer to peer. This decentralized platform also aims to achieve faster and faster transaction rates. Ecosystems will provide the financial industry with features such as:


  • A safe and secure environment
  • Link traders and individuals
  • Low cost, fast and reliable transactions
  • Profit sharing among holders
  • Business activities supported by strong assets
  • The technology of self-regulation and global money transfer

KitToken Strategy

Bridging the gap between traders and users to make the merchant community and users including providers of goods and services, medical services, air travel and hospitality and education services to receive KitToken as a payment method worth 1.5 trillion.

KitToken Motivation:

  • Current Conditions of Cash
    Cash remains the dominant force in any economy. The money will always change at any time. And this is what opens the way for updates and payment methods for the new version of the Kitpay method.

  • KitPay needs
    In the future, Kitpay technology will make it possible to develop in the area of financial transactions to be even better to meet its demand for new currencies. This allows faster and faster and safer payment methods.

  • Crypto Regulations
    Most countries are developing regulatory guidelines for using cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Token sales:

  • Token name: KitToken
  • Symbol: KIT
  • Decimal: 18
  • Cost per token: $0.05
  • Total Supply: 8 Billion
  • For Reserve: 2.5 Billion
  • For sale: 3.5 Billion
  • Airdrop and Bonuses: 2 Billion
  • Contract Address : 0x080eB7238031F97Ff011e273D6CaD5ad0c2dE532



  • JULY 2017
    Concept design
    Conduct research between ASEAN countries regarding currency markets and currency transfers

  • OCTOBER 2017
    Conduct technical specifications and surveys about user experience in money transfers
    To make a new and inexpensive payment method, it is also reliable to approach travel agents

  • DECEMBER 2017
    Building network among corporate and cryptocurrency network
    Approach financial and technical partners
    Constructing a human resource requirement for operational purposes

Q1&2 of 2018

  • JANUARY 2018
    Finalizing necessary financial procedure with local and international bodies

  • FEBRUARY 2018
    Development of KIT token website and wallet
    Establishment of Technical partners

  • APRIL 2018
    Establishing KitToken alpha platform and whitepaper preparation

  • JULY 2018
    On July 7, 2018, the ASIA Summit held a meeting on the World crypto blockchain assets
    Kit Token airdrops and establishment in all possible social media
    The launch of KitToken pre-sale on July 20, 2018

Q2&3 of 2018

  • AUGUST 2018
    Launching of KitToken ICO
    Bonus 30% 1st - 10th - I phase of ICO
    Bonus 20% 11th - 20th - II phase of ICO.

  • SEPTEMBER 2018
    Version 1.0 mobile application and launch of the KitPay web wallet program

  • OCTOBER 2018
    Business development and strengthening of partnerships
    Exposing KitToken actively through an international forum

2019 and 2020

  • Q1
    Launching KitToken.Inc travel and tour project
    Partnership with the local and international bank
    Listing on a major exchange

  • Q2
    Launching KitToken Neurosciences Project
    Listing on major exchange

  • Q3
    Launching KitToken Petroleum Bunkering Project
    Listing on another big exchange

  • 2020
    Launching More mega projects in future
    Listing on nearly 25 big exchanges

Type of token
Utility token and is now subjected to the howey test
Pre-sale and ICO information

Event Early Bird sale :

  • Bonus 70%
    20th to 25th July

  • Bonus 50%
    26th to 31st July

ICO sale:

  • Bonus 30%
    1st phase -August 1st to 10th

  • Bonus 20%
    2nd phase-August 11th to 20th

KitToken ICO

The Kittoken project is named Kittoken and has the symbol of KIT in the crypto market and has a total supply of KIT of 8 billion. 3.5 billion of the total supply will be available for sale and the rest of all tokens will be 2.5 billion for reserves and 2 billion for air drops, prize and bonus programs. KIT tokens are developed on the Ethereum platform and that is the ERC 20 token.

For those of you who want to participate or contribute to this project please visit the official website that has been given and the opportunity has been opened for those of you who want to take the opportunity

Watch the following short video to help you get closer to this platform, so you feel comfortable with this platform

To get more complete information, please visit the official website that has been provided for you:

web 1.pngWebsite

whitepaper 1.pngWhitepaper

ann thread.pngAnn Thread

tele 1.pngTelegram

twitter 1.pngTwitter

fb 1.pngFacebook



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Author Information:

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wallet.png : 0x98EA6b4E05Af3181001E6eD3A87bcA27C8A7ddFe


The concept of your project is so luxurious and very promising.
Thanks to the team that worked hard on this project. I support You,
good luck!

Thank you for your support

I saw on twitter KitToken will be listed in IQFINEX after ICO.. this project going to success

Thank you for your appreciation

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