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OPP Open WiFi provides the need for internet networks

Technology development is now increasingly sophisticated so that there are so many opportunities created by current technological developments. A person's life pattern will also change in work and make money from technological developments because so much information is given to the public how to make money from technological developments. In the past someone was only a money keeper at the Bank, but now we can turn it into investment in various fields and we can get that information through the internet, television mass media and all that from technological developments, but how can we choose the right investment for us need to pay attention so that what we have invested will return again and this will be important. Now there is a form of investment that will give us an advantage because this platform provides many benefits for technological development, this platform is called OPP Open WiFi.

Why Invest in Open WiFi OPP

OPP Open WiFi is a platform that has the goal of making innovative changes to the internet world by making breakthroughs in browsing with speed and accessing things faster, without malware and ad-free. This service has the main goal of creating global community-based internet access, to be free to access the open WiFi hotspot network and give awards to each contributor because it has become part of the goal of Open WiFi OPP. There are nearly 2.5 billion smartphone users globally, 80% of whom are active on social media. So that internet usage will be a top priority in forming communities both in the social world and other online media, so WiFi access has become a part of our daily lives. Of the 2.5 billion people, OPP Open WiFi aims to recruit 25 million people like you for the next 4 years to join the "Hotspot Hosts" community OPP Open WiFi. Together with Open WiFi OPP, we can build free access, open and secure global decentralized WiFi hotspots that will have a positive effect on the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people.

OPP Open WiFi Product Series Offered

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  • Router for Residential
    Direct and used - For residential areas, it's easy to install, just plug it into your existing broadband router. This router has a range of 25 meters. After connecting with guest users, you can choose OPP Open WiFi.

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  • Router for Business
    This tool is usually direct and has been used by several companies or other business fields such as restaurants, hotels or retail/recreational places. This can be used with several access points for wider coverage. This is configured and only needs to be plugged into an existing broadband router. OPP SSID (Service Set Identifier) on Open OPP WiFi is an identification or name for a Wireless network. Every Wi-Fi equipment must use a certain SSID (Service Set Identifier) and this is seen by others who use internet access. The login page is shared for branding venues and advertisements from the OPP Open WiFi application.

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  • Access Point / Router
    This router is already on and can be used as a standalone router or with a business router for a larger WiFi signal range. Can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

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  • OPP Open WIFi application
    This application can share WiFi but homeowners will be able to decide how much data will be shared from their monthly allowances from their control panel. They will also be able to choose to receive push notifications. Guests will have easy access to the internet, we will share advertising space with our partners and the Open WiFi OPP application.

Sales of tokens and bonuses offered

Sales of OPP tokens will include a bonus structure that gives incentives to the initial participants, starting with pre-sale investors. The bonus schedule is as follows:

  • Stage (August 13 - August 19): 25%
  • Stage (August 20 - August 26): 22.5%
  • Stage (August 27 - September 2): 20%
  • Stage (September 3 - September 9): 15%
  • Stage (10 September - 14 September): 10%

For those of you who want to participate or contribute to this project please visit the official website that has been given and the opportunity is open for those of you who want to take this opportunity:


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Quick Links:

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Author Information:

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wallet.png : 0x98EA6b4E05Af3181001E6eD3A87bcA27C8A7ddFe

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will make us more easier using internet connection with wifi

Great project! great team! You have time to join. Only the start has begun, so that everyone will be in time! We hurry! do not miss the opportunity to earn good money!

thank you for more details information please visit the official website

Wow amazing info bro

Your project looks pretty confident among all.
I hope and I believe that it's not just that, and someday it will become something great.
It is interesting to observe and be a part of such projects!

if you want to be a part of this project please visit the official website, have a nice day sir

This is one of the best is ever seen and have a unique idea. I did not see the project more interesting on the Internet

OPP open wifi According to analysts, this project has a promising future, because its idea has great potential. The team of specialists inspires confidence. Perhaps this coin will show good profit!

OPP Open wifi great way to introducing the main idea of project to community and partners. this way will attract people to supporting and investing in this promising project

OPP Open WiFi is a great idea and a game changer. It will benefit millions of people and save them money. A lot of internet providers have been selling our wifi without consulting us their customers. With OPP wifi it is going to be a win win for all, really exciting times ahead.

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